Invex Therapeutics collars European patent for elevated intracranial pressure treatment

Invex Therapeutics ASX IXC European patent Exenatide Presendin intracranial pressure
Invex Therapeutics’ intracranial pressure treatment is now protected in Europe and the US.

Invex Therapeutics (ASX: IXC) has collared the European patent for its elevated intracranial pressure (ICP) treatment, Exenatide – protecting this intellectual property in the region and the United States.

Both the US and European patents cover Invex’s IP using GLP-1 receptor agonists, including Exenatide, in reducing elevated ICP associated with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH).

“The granting of a European patent is an important component of our overall IP strategy for Exenatide in IIH and potentially other indications related to elevated ICP,” Invex executive director Dr Tom Duthy said.

“This patent will provide protection until at least August 2035 and when considered in the context of our European orphan drug designation, which provides 10 years of market exclusivity for Exenatide in the treatment of IIH, confers a strong overall IP position for Invex in Europe, alongside a similar suite of IP held in the US,” Dr Duthy added.

Commercialising ICP treatment

Invex is focused on commercialising Exenatide, which it has repurposed and trademarked as Presendin for treating ICP associated with IIH.

The drug is a small peptide and synthetic version of GLP-1 agonist exendin-4, which has been approved in the US and Europe for treating type 2 diabetes since 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Research has shown that GLP-1 receptors are expressed in the brain’s choroid plexus and that Exenatide can bind to these and reduce secretion of cerebrospinal fluid.

In IIH, cerebral spinal fluid accumulates and increases pressure in the brain resulting in debilitating symptoms for sufferers including daily headaches and vision programs.

The incidence of IIH has risen by more than 350% in the last decade.

During the June quarter, Invex narrowed its search for contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) that could produce its Presendin drug.

The company has evaluated a number of CMOs that specialise in the formulation of peptides for clinical and commercial purposes.

At this stage, Invex is reviewing proposals and continuing contract discussions with potential manufacturers. It says a market update will be made once a binding agreement has been signed.

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