InhaleRx’s Medihale vape pods to have two new EC Pharma medicinal cannabis formulations

EC Pharma InhaleRx ASX IRX Ethical Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals Medihale Inhaler device
InhaleRx has incorporated new technical and visual design elements for its pods containing EC Pharma’s new vape medicinal cannabis formulations.

InhaleRx (ASX: IRX) will have two new commercially available medicinal cannabis vaping formulations for its Medihale pods after partner EC Pharma Pty announced the new products.

EC Pharma’s first new vaping product comprises 275mg of CBD and 275mg of THC. These are contained within 1.1mg of c-liquid in addition to a proprietary blend of terpenes.

The second new formula contains 500mg of THC in 1.1mg of c-liquid plus the proprietary blend of terpenes.

Under an existing partnership, EC Pharma provides the vaping formulations for InhaleRx’s Medihale pods, with each pod estimated to contain a month’s supply of the medication.

In readiness for EC Pharma’s new formulations, InhaleRx has incorporated new technical and visual design elements for its pods. These changes are expected to improve performance while also making it easier for patients to identify the Medihale pod contents.

Pods with the new formulations will have clear labels on the mouth-piece.

Safer and cleaner alternative

It is expected the new formulations will provide patients with an alternative to smoking cannabis flower which has varying levels of THC along with carcinogenic and toxic compounds.

Using a vape to deliver the THC and CBD formulation is deemed safer and cleaner – particularly in the provision of superior dose control and fast onset.

This offers faster and safer symptomatic relief of acute conditions.

InhaleRx rebrand

Formerly known as Lifespot Health, the company rebranded to InhaleRx in early October.

The rebranding was completed to reflect the company’s change in direction to medical inhalation devices for prescription medicines.

Its Medihale devices have been marketed as Australia’s first and only sealed pod deice for use with medicinal cannabis formulations.

InhaleRx is working to launch the device in the US and is evaluating regulatory pathways to secure Food and Drug Administration approval in the country.

As part of this, the company appointed Ohio-headquartered Camargo Pharmaceutical Services to develop this strategic regulatory plan.

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