Imricor to equip Semmelweis University with iCMR system for advanced cardiac imaging

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By Imelda Cotton - 
Imricor ASX IMR Semmelweis University contract

Imricor Medical Systems (ASX: IMR) has been awarded a public tender by Semmelweis University in Hungary for the procurement of an iCMR (interventional cardiac magnetic resonance) electrophysiology system.

Imricor is the world’s only manufacturer of the system and Semmelweis is the first medical school in the country to place such an order.

The equipment will be used for cardiac ablation procedures guided by MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Multiple products

Under the terms of the order, Imricor will supply its Advantage-MR EP recorder/stimulator along with several third-party capital devices such as the Osypka HAT-500 RF ablation generator, NordicNeuroLab in-room monitors and an Optoacoustics communication headset system.

Imricor has agreed to supply enough consumable products for the first 15 procedures.

Installation of the iCMR equipment at the Semmelweis site is expected to take place next month, with on-site training to follow.

The first cardiac ablation procedures using the new equipment are scheduled to commence later this year.

MRI-compatible devices

Imricor specialises in the development of MRI-compatible medical devices that can be used to carry out real-time iCMR ablations.

An iCMR lab is an interventional lab that has been fitted with MRI equipment for use in cardiac diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Imricor sells its capital and consumable products to hospitals and clinics with a view to increasing success rates and reducing the overall costs of ablation.

Regulatory approval

Imricor reported earlier this month that its second-generation Vision-MR ablation catheter and NorthStar 3D mapping system had been used in the Vision-MR Ablation of Atrial Flutter clinical trial intended to support regulatory approval of the company’s products in the US.

The single-arm, multi-centre global study examines the safety and efficacy of type 1 atrial flutter ablation procedures performed using Vision-MR, NorthStar, the Osypka HAT-500 RF generator and irrigation pump.

The NorthStar system is expected to have a transformative impact on the industry.