Impression Healthcare to supply concussion monitoring FitGuard mouthguard system

Impression Healthcare ASX IHL FiTGuard smart mouthguard concussion monitoring
Under an agreement with Force Impact Technologies, Impression Healthcare will sell the FitGuard technology suite into Australian, New Zealand and Hong Kong markets.

Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL) has inked an exclusive agreement to supply the concussion monitoring FitGuard mouthguard system.

Under the agreement with Force Impact Technologies, Impression will sell the FitGuard technology suite including the FitGuard custom-fitted mouthguard, which measures cranial acceleration. The smart mouthguard has LEDs which display impact severity and Bluetooth connectivity to the FitApp.

The suite includes the app, which tracks impact history and provides athletes with cognitive performance exams. Meanwhile, the FitCloud stores data and can be used to model athlete performance.

As part of the exclusive distribution licence, Impression will arrange the mouthguards to be custom-fitted and distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

“We are delighted to have cemented an exclusive supply agreement with Force over the FiTGuard system,” Impression chief executive officer Joel Latham said.

“It is a unique product that is crucial for Australian contact sports as evidence for long-term brain injuries and concussion increases – as does social awareness.”

Impression has already undertaken testing of the FitGuard at its Melbourne laboratory and found it can be easily accommodated into its Gameday production process.

Force Impact Technologies FitGuard mouthguard concussion monitoring

Additionally, Force will provide Impression with 50 FitGuard units for trial to demonstrate the product’s efficacy in the Australian market.

“Partnering with Force allows us to advance discussions around concussion with the major sporting leagues in Australia,” Mr Latham explained.

A new focus on concussion and brain injury

According to Impression, this distribution agreement is part of the company’s overall strategy to address concussion and long-term brain injury.

Impression has planned a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of CBD oil in reducing brain injury following concussion, with the trial scheduled for the third quarter.

“The FitGuard may prove to be the best tool for measuring the occurrence of concussion, in circumstances in which it is not evident, as a precursor to being prescribed CBD to reduce brain swelling,” Mr Latham said.

“The World Anti-Doping Authority and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority have recently confirmed that THC-free CBD is legal for consumption by sports people to reduce inflammation,” he added.

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