Impression Healthcare AGM presentation from chief medical officer Dr Sud Agarwal

Dr Sud Agarwal presented at Impression Healthcare’s (ASX: IHL) annual general meeting on Friday 4th October 2019 to discuss Incannex’s portfolio.

Under the guidance of Impression’s new medical advisory board, IHL has commenced the full drug discovery process for cannabinoid products for sleep apnoea, traumatic brain injury and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

The expanded clinical program will create 3 novel products for which patents have been or are in the process of being filed.

The program now facilitates a pathway to creating unique globally significant products for which registration will be sought from the TGA, FDA, EMA and other regulatory bodies IHL is also progressing its program on periodontitis with AXIM biotech and dental key opinion leaders to fast-track product knowledge and ultimately sales.

A drug discovery program for an IHL proprietary product oral care product is also being investigated.

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