Immuron posts strong global sales growth for Travelan anti-diarrhoea product

Immuron ASX IMC North American Travelan sales increase
North American sales for Immuron's Travelan product are up 98% YoY in the first half of FY2020.

Microbiome company Immuron (ASX: IMC) has posted a six-monthly unaudited gross revenue of $1.68 million for worldwide sales of its over-the-counter gastrointestinal and digestive health supplement Travelan.

The company recorded robust gross sales growth in the US, Canada and Australia throughout the first half of the 2020 financial year, with revenue jumping 98% on the previous corresponding period.

The growth was fuelled by the launch of Travelan in Canadian pharmacies in June and a rise in online Amazon sales within the US.

Sales through US travel medicine provider Passport Health also contributed to the result, with Travelan revenue rising by 27% within its network of clinics.

Immuron said a series of podcasts on the “Not Old – Better” network developed for the 50-plus age market also assisted in raising consumer awareness of Travelan in the US.

Australian sales

In Australia, sales of Travelan reached $954,000 for the period, representing a 33% year-on-year growth rate.

Immuron boosted the product’s local profile with in-store promotional material and TV advertising in conjunction with the Chemist Warehouse group of pharmacies.

The company said its participation in medical practitioner conferences also contributed to an increased awareness of Travelan within Australia’s medical community.

Chief executive officer Dr Gary Jacob said the sales momentum had “continued unabated” through the reporting period.

“As we step through the second half of this fiscal year, we will continue to focus on increasing consumer awareness of the Travelan brand, particularly in North American markets, as we look to expand our reach for this important health care product,” he said.

Gut disease treatment

Travelan is an oral immunoglobulin therapeutic for the treatment of gut mediated diseases such as travellers’ diarrhoea which are caused by Enterotoxigenic E coli and other bacteria.

Travelan’s active ingredient is hyperimmune bovine colostrum powder, a rich source of antibodies which bind to bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing them from attaching to the intestinal wall and thereby neutralising their ability to cause travellers’ diarrhoea and its associated symptoms.

In Australia, Travelan is marketed and sold as a medicine for the prevention of travellers’ diarrhoea under the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

In the US and Canada, the product is marketed as a dietary supplement and natural health product for digestive tract protection.

Illness statistics

Statistics show up to 70% of people who travel suffer from travellers’ diarrhoea, characterised by fever, abdominal cramping and watery stools which can last for several days and lead to severe dehydration.

The gastrointestinal infection can develop as a result of ingesting contaminated food and water and can typically occur when travellers visit countries where there is no naturally-developed immunity.

Enteropathogenic bacteria are responsible for most cases of travellers’ diarrhoea, with enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli also playing a dominant causative role.

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