Icetana secures first sales of motion intelligence platform to US prison market

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Icetana’s AI-assisted video surveillance system can identify issues such as potential security threats or health and safety breaches.

Australian video analytics software firm icetana (ASX: ICE) has secured $137,000 in new orders for its motion intelligence platform for use in the United States state prison system.

The orders were placed by an undisclosed end customer through icetana’s US reseller Rasilient Systems Inc.

The contractual arrangement will be direct with Rasilient and represents icetana’s foray into the US correctional services vertical market beyond existing Australia-based prison management clients.

The platform will be implemented remotely by icetana technicians leveraging Rasilient hardware supplied and installed on site by Rasilient.

Each order is inclusive of support and maintenance over a five-year term, after which time the services will be subject to customer renewal.

The deployment represents a small subset of the total camera footprint of US state prisons serviced by the end customer, and potential exists to extend coverage over time to other correctional services clients in the region.

Video surveillance

Icetana has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) assisted video surveillance solution to automatically identify anomalous events in real-time.

The company’s scalable solution focuses on important or unusual events occurring in customer facilities and enables users to identify issues such as potential threats to security or health and safety violations, allowing for timely intervention before situations escalate.

icetana managing director Matt Macfarlane said the US prison contracts represent a significant milestone for the company.

“[We are] very pleased with the progress of this opportunity despite challenging global market conditions,” he said.

“It is a significant move which will demonstrate the full capabilities of our motion intelligence platform to a new geographic market and potentially expand into a larger subset of the customer prisons.”

Dynamic market

Mr Macfarlane said the US prisons market is one of the largest in the world, representing a dynamic and challenging environment with continuous movement of guards and prisoners in regular and predictable patterns.

“Any deviation from these routines can signify issues requiring immediate attention,” he said.

“Using AI and machine learning techniques, [our] solution learns and filters out routine motion to show only anomalous or unusual behaviour, allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real-time to precursor activities and incidents.

“Prison facilities also have specialised requirements to protect against health and safety incidents, process breaches and theft, and in this regard, video surveillance with analytics can play an important role as part of the suite of security tools used,” Mr Macfarlane added.

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