iCandy Interactive offers sneak peek into first of four new mobile games

iCandy Interactive ASX ICI Claw Stars early access game
The development of Claw Stars is now complete with a Google Play early access trial in effect.

Mobile gaming company iCandy Interactive (ASX: ICI) has unveiled the first of four new proprietary mobile games first announced over 18 months ago.

In a statement, the company referred to “very encouraging” preliminary responses as a reason why the game could make an international commercial launch in the coming months.

Formerly known as Hamstranauts, the final release version of the new game is titled Claw Stars after being completed “earlier than expected”.

iCandy also confirmed it is collaborating with Google Play in an early access trial, which is expected to take around two to three months to complete. It will generate gamer feedback, reactions and other insights into player behaviour during the game, thereby generating valuable insights into the game’s initial reception and playability.

iCandy also said it expects its developers to make continuous adjustments to gameplay and game mechanics over time to ensure “better interactivity” and game experience before full commercial release in over 60 countries.

Prepping for launch

Claw Stars was developed in just over 12 months and is already available on Google’s Android platform. Moving forward, iCandy expects its new game to make its commercial debut on both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms, but only once the early access trial is fully completed.

Fans of the company’s previous gaming catalogue can expect another easy-to-play mobile game that integrates gaming with catchy monetised features such as micro-payments.

iCandy’s developers claim the game’s development took “extensive input” from the studio team behind its most popular title to date, Masketeers, specifically with regards to playability, retention and “monetisation design” aspects of the game.

Masketeers recently achieved a significant commercial milestone by reaching $1 million in revenue in just over 60 days after being launched in the United States – the fastest ever for an iCandy game. The company has also teamed up with TikTok’s subsidiary Ohayoo to launch a localised Chinese version of the game.

“iCandy’s studio team has learned valuable skills and domain knowledge from the success of Masketeers and is applying those skills and knowledge fully onto the development of Claw Stars,” iCandy Interactive said.

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