iCandy Interactive games undergo trials ahead of global launches

iCandy Interactive ASX ICI game Ohayoo Masketeers Claw Stars Lemon Sky Studios
iCandy’s Rocky Rampage game is scheduled for global release in April while Claw Stars is due for pre-order in May.

Mobile gaming company iCandy Interactive (ASX: ICI) has announced early trials of three of its games on several app stores before their global releases.

The company currently has two partnership agreements with Chinese game publisher Ohayoo covering its Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen and Rocky Rampage games.

In an operational update, iCandy today revealed it has completed a localised version of Masketeers based on requirements requested by Ohayoo and this is now undergoing a limited trial on the Apple App Store, as well as several other Android app stores in China.

The company has also revised its Rocky Rampage game with the new version now undergoing an early access trial on Google Play.

According to iCandy, the revised game has recorded “marked improvement” in its retention rates compared to previous retention rates.

“The revised Rocky Rampage currently has a day seven retention rate of 14%, which is a very positive rate for the casual game category,” the company stated.

Rocky Rampage is scheduled for a global release by the end of April.

Claw Stars to be available for pre-order in May

Meanwhile, iCandy is running its new game Claw Stars through an ongoing early access trial on Google Play.

“Over the past two months, iCandy’s game studio team has been gathering feedback and input from gamers and making adjustments to Claw Stars’ game play and mechanics. Claw Stars’ engagement rate has continued to improve and is better than that of Masketeers,” the company reported.

Global pre-order for the game is anticipated to commence on the Apple App Store and Google Play in May.

This pre-order period will run for about six weeks before a global commercial launch, iCandy said.

Sky Candy joint venture develops new game prototype

In addition, iCandy has advised that its Malaysia-based game animation and digital art studio Sky Candy – a joint venture with Lemon Sky Studios – has taken share with an initial team comprising four experienced game developers.

The team is currently developing an online multiplayer Player versus Player (PvP) game prototype with 3D battle mechanics.

According to iCandy, the prototype has been completed and further development will be carried out.

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