HyTerra to champion Australian hydrogen innovation at European conferences

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By Filip Karinja - 
HyTerra ASX HYT white hydrogen Nemaha

Emerging hydrogen player HyTerra (ASX: HYT) will be flying Australia’s flag in Europe this month when executive director Ben Mee presents at the Financial Times Hydrogen Convention in London on June 12 and the Hydroverse Conference in Essen, Germany, on June 18.

Both conferences will gather business, finance, government and policy leaders from over 50 countries around the world for expert-led discussions that provide critical insights into how hydrogen can reach its full potential.

Mr Mee, who worked internationally as an exploration manager for Shell before joining HyTerra, will update participants on the company’s activities in Kansas where it plans to drill two exploration wells at its Nemaha project.

Momentum building

Multiple hydrogen and helium occurrences have previously been reported at Nemaha, some containing up to 92% hydrogen and 3% helium.

Mr Mee said momentum was starting to build behind hydrogen’s critical role in the transition to a net-zero world.

“Cheap energy pollutes, while clean energy is expensive,” Mr Mee said.

‘Wonder element’

“Hydrogen is emerging as a wonder element which could not only be a new world power but also a zero-carbon input for manufacturing petrochemicals and ammonia.”

“However, heavily-polluting grey hydrogen remains the dominant method of production, and questions remain about whether there is enough renewable generation capacity to meet green hydrogen ambitions.”

“The potential for carbon capture-enabled hydrogen to reduce emissions in the short term is gaining traction but the viability and longevity of new technologies are still to be proven at scale.”

“White hydrogen, which is produced naturally by the Earth, is creating a world rich with opportunities for first movers.”

“It potentially has much lower production costs and carbon emissions than man-made hydrogen,” he said.

Emerging solution

Mr Mee said the white hydrogen HyTerra is pioneering, is an emerging solution to produce zero- and low-carbon commodities, fertiliser for the agricultural and chemicals industries, reduced iron for the steel industry and transportation fuel for the maritime shipping and aviation sectors.

“Europe – like Australia, Canada, and North America where we currently operate – has taken major steps forward with strong policy support and investment,” Mr Mee said.

“These conferences help bring together innovators, investors and policymakers under one roof to better understand how low emissions hydrogen can serve the world’s ongoing decarbonisation.”