Gooroo Ventures signs commercial agreement with Microsoft

Gooroo Ventures ASX GOO Microsoft career advisory
Under an agreement with Microsoft, Gooroo’s career solutions technology will be rolled-out at universities, colleges and schools across the world.

Gooroo Ventures (ASX: GOO) has collared a commercial agreement with Microsoft Corporation, paving the way for Gooroo’s career solutions technology to be rolled-out at universities, colleges and schools worldwide.

Under phase one of the agreement, Microsoft will pay Gooroo to test and refine its career planner application with a selection of Microsoft’s local and international partner universities.

“This deal signifies how Gooroo’s unique technology and human thinking science is being applied to address a globally recognised problem that effects millions of students each year,” the company stated.

“Most students are uncertain about the career options available to them and where they are most likely to thrive.”

Phase one of the agreement is scheduled to be completed by the end of June, with Microsoft and Gooroo to agree to commercial release terms and model for large-scale delivery by July.

Career solutions technology

Gooroo’s career solution technology is based on artificial intelligence and applied neuroscience. The technology aims to understand a student’s skills, passions and mindset preference, and from there, provides personalised career paths and recommendations.

According to Gooroo, this helps students build confidence in taking the next step.

In addition to careers, Gooroo’s technology is applicable to human capital (recruitment) and marketing and communications (getting the right message across to the appropriate audience or consumer).

Gooroo founder and chief executive officer Greg Muller said the company’s technology is built on understanding how different people think and make decisions in their work and lives.

Mr Muller said in career choices, the company’s technology is individual focused and supports them in making important career decisions whether it is transitioning from one role to another or one career to another.

“A perfect example is the work that we are doing with Microsoft Corporation,” Mr Muller added.

By early afternoon trade, shares in Gooroo had rocketed more than 62% to $0.096.

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