Gooroo Ventures partners with Amrop Carmichael Fisher to harness artificial intelligence within recruitment industry

Gooroo Ventures ASX GOO Amrop Carmichael Fisher artificial intelligence recruitment industry

The world of executive search and recruitment is on course for a radical shakeup courtesy of artificial intelligence (AI).

Gooroo Ventures (ASX: GOO) is focused on harnessing the power of AI to ensure recruitment functions are done smoothly and efficiently – and is continuing to make progress towards implementing AI-powered tools within the recruitment industry.

With this in mind, Gooroo has just signed a deal with Amrop Carmichael Fisher, one of the world’s leading executive search agencies. The company has also taken parallel steps by arranging well-timed commercial deals with Microsoft and KPMG in recent months.

Amrop Carmichael Fisher delivers “executive search and leadership services”, supplemented by extensive experience across multiple sectors in Australia. The firm also offers services in leadership assessment and talent benchmarking, board services, market mapping and competitor intelligence services.

Its parent group Amrop was established in 1977 and operates in Asia, EMEA and the Americas through 75 offices in 48 countries.

Small steps to market

According to Gooroo, Amrop’s “central leadership effectiveness team” evaluated its capability earlier this year and concluded that its “human thinking intellectual property is uniquely different in the global market.”

“Gooroo is offering a completely new thinking and fresh capability. We shared our belief that wise decision-making is set to become a fundamental performance indicator for leaders and organizations going forward,” said José Leyún, CEO of Amrop.

The two firms have agreed to rollout Gooroo’s services on a gradual basis split into several phases. The first phase will deliver Gooroo’s capabilities as part of Amrop Carmichael Fisher’s services in Australia and will include the on-boarding and training of 10 partners in Melbourne and Sydney.

The objective of this first phase is to improve commercial outcomes for Amrop’s Australian operations and identify opportunities for Amrop to leverage Gooroo’s unique intellectual property for broader application across its other business units and partners.

One of the major advantages being offered by Gooroo is its ability to leverage AI and advances computing towards solving persistent problems in recruitment.

The potential of linking neuroscience with artificial intelligence underpinned by machine learning and data sciences could facilitate a more meaningful match between individuals and employees, and thereby create a strong commercial opportunity for Gooroo to support Australia’s labour market.

The impact of mechanisation on modern society has been positive economically and financially from a corporate bottom-line perspective, but less tangibly, mechanisation has led to unwanted social effects including higher anxiety and potentially helped to worsen health among a growing portion of the workforce that feels “left behind”.

Gooroo says it can breathe new life in how employees are found, on-boarded and retained by companies. Its products marry artificial intelligence with neuroscience to enable individuals, organisations and societies to make better decisions when it comes to managing staff.

“Amrop is a true global leader who is committed to sustainable success through inspiring leaders who can help themselves and others to holistically address and resolve the difficult socio-ethical dilemmas we all face in business,” said Greg Muller, CEO of Gooroo Ventures.

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