Global Energy Ventures signs propulsion system development agreement for pilot-scale C-H2 ship

Global Energy Ventures ASX GEV Wärtsilä C-H2 Ship propulsion system compressed hydrogen Australia
Global Energy Ventures managing director Martin Carolan says partnering with Wärtsilä will help the company deliver a completely sustainable shipping solution.

Perth-based Global Energy Ventures (ASX: GEV) has signed an agreement with smart marine technology company Wärtsilä Australia Pty Ltd to develop a propulsion system for its pilot-scale compressed hydrogen (C-H2) ship.

Wärtsilä’s expertise utilises future carbon-neutral fuels to raise efficiency levels and significantly improve environmental performance.

Its electric-driven system will promote a dynamic positioning capability to enable unassisted connect and disconnect of the C-H2 proprietary ship with near-shore loading buoys.

Wärtsilä will also be responsible for the integration of power generation into the proposed ship using hydrogen-blended fuel cells developed by Global Energy Ventures’ Canadian partner Ballard Power Systems.

Development partners

Global Energy Ventures managing director Martin Carolan said the new agreement adds to the list of technical development partners working on advancing American Bureau of Shipping approvals for the construction and operation of its 430-tonne shipping solution.

“We have shown that C-H2 shipping is ideally suited for exporting green hydrogen with a lower delivered cost and having a technology leader such as Wärtsilä with us, we believe we can deliver a solution that is completely sustainable,” he said.

“This agreement is an important stepping stone along the journey towards a decarbonised maritime industry.”

Simple and efficient

Compression delivers a proven, simple and efficient method for transporting green hydrogen up to 4,500 nautical miles.

It is a preferred solution for marine hydrogen transport but is often overlooked due to its lower volumetric energy density.

Mr Carolan said the C-H2 project would eliminate technical barriers and deliver a “superior solution” to other transport alternatives.

Downstream market

Global Energy Ventures’ zero-emissions ship is designed to store 2,000t of ambient temperature hydrogen at an operating pressure of 250 bar.

The technology will capitalise on downstream market opportunities for green hydrogen projects under consideration in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

The potential market includes applications to inject the renewables product into existing natural gas pipeline grids (also known as blending).

The pilot vessel will be a scaled-down version of last year’s full-scale model which received Approval in Principle (AIP) from ABS in March.

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