Global Energy Ventures increases acreage for green hydrogen export studies

Global Energy Ventures ASX GEV Tiwi H2 export project hydrogen
Global Energy Ventures plans to produce up to 100,000tpa of green hydrogen for export from its fully integrated Tiwi Islands project.

Global Energy Ventures (ASX: GEV) has received traditional landowner permission for increased acreage to conduct environmental and engineering studies relating to its 2.8 gigawatt green hydrogen export project on the Tiwi Islands in Australia’s Northern Territory.

The company has been granted an additional 7.8 square kilometres adjacent to existing port facilities by the Munupi Landowners and Tiwi Plantation Corporation Board.

It will allow for studies to be undertaken on Tiwi land into solar transmission, hydrogen production and compression and water desalination.

The approvals will also allow consultants to be onsite for required environmental surveys, with further engineering surveys and studies to follow in the first half of this year for inclusion in the project’s pre-feasibility work.

Global Energy Ventures was also granted Munupi Landowners permission for solar monitoring to commence in the September quarter, based on agreed sites for clearing and installation.

The environmental and engineering studies will support a referral submission to the territory’s Environmental Protection Authority to enable a decision on the level of assessment required for the project.

The referral will be lodged in the June quarter, with the regulator’s decision expected to be received before year end.

Low environmental footprint

Global Energy Ventures continues to pursue a low environmental footprint for its green hydrogen export project which supports an investment decision targeted for 2023 and first production in 2026.

The project will be built on existing plantation land across 25.8 square kilometres.

It will comprise a transmission line on a 50m corridor of native flora following the existing road, approximately 30 kilometres from its proposed solar farm to Port Melville.

The selection of the actual route and footing placement will be selected to minimise its environmental impact.

The project’s hydrogen facilities and existing port infrastructure will be stationed on 0.32sq km of existing cleared industrial precinct land at Port Melville.

Solar farm consultant

Global Energy Ventures has engaged solar development consultancy CE Partners to provide project delivery expertise on the proposed solar farm and transmission line, covering construction, operation and generation modelling.

CE Partners will bring with it more than 20 years delivery expertise on renewable energy projects across Australia, including the Cohuna, Wemen and Gannawarra solar farms in Victoria, and the Clermont solar farm in Queensland.

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