Frugl delivers newer, faster version of grocery price comparison app

Frugl Group ASX FGL app grocery comparison Coles Woolworths
Frugl Version 2.0 introduces new features including product reviews, unit price costs and pre-populated shopping lists.

Price comparison platform developer Frugl Group (ASX: FGL) (formerly Family Insights Group) has launched a new release of its Frugl Groceries mobile app, boasting enhanced features and significantly faster performance than the maiden release earlier this year.

Frugl Version 2.0 addresses key feedback from early adopters to provide an improved customer experience with new features such as pre-populated shopping lists and social sharing of lists within the app.

Customer product reviews and unit price costs – the most requested feature – have also been included in the update.

Unit costs are listed as “price per 100 grams (or millilitres)”, allowing shoppers to view a true price comparison of products independent of pack size.

The feature has been added to the “Product”, “Deals Listings” and “Search Results” to help shoppers quickly compare value across multiple products.

Shopper app

Frugl Groceries allows shoppers to compare products across Woolworths and Coles supermarkets, create store and brand-specific shopping lists and optimise these lists by cheapest price sorting.

The app overlays wellness tools for shoppers to enable for the comparison of products by nutritional value, ingredient listings, allergen inclusions, health ratings and product sustainability.

New features

Frugl Version 2.0 claims to deliver improved search function accuracy as well as faster product search, results loading and page response speeds.

The pre-populated and updatable “Featured Lists” offers a range of list types to suit most shoppers and demonstrates the different ways in which lists can add value.

Frugl has also added a new in-app sharing feature allowing users to copy and share standard or customised lists.

A link prompts new users to download the app to view the shared information.

The sharing feature allows Frugl lists to be linked to online content such as third-party recipe ingredient lists and comparable pricing articles.

Faster price updates and deal uploads are expected to be added in coming weeks.

User feedback

Frugl managing director Sean Smith said Frugl V2 is based on feature development and performance optimisation on the back of extensive user feedback gathered after the first release of the app in February.

“With this release, we are ready to commence marketing and user growth activities, which will fuel the growth of [our] shopper behaviour data asset,” he said.

“We have already gathered extensive product pricing and promotional data and this will underpin the commercialisation of our retail and customer analytics capability.”

Mr Smith said Frugl Group will apply user feedback for a roadmap of future improvements to best meet shopper needs and drive user growth.

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