Fluence to supply smart wastewater treatment product into Latin America

Fluence ASX FLC Aspiral project Latin America water treatment system
Fluence has received a US$1.7 million contract to supply its Smart Products Solutions for a prominent international beverage producer.

Water treatment specialist Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC) has received a A$2.39 million (US$1.7 million) contract to supply its smart products solutions to a prominent beverage producer based in Latin America.

The contract features Fluence’s Aspiral L1 Smart Packaged wastewater system using unique membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology and will be the first of its kind deployed in the region.

A water treatment system will be built for the customer’s production plant in Argentina which is currently under expansion.

When complete, the system will treat 1,500 cubic metres per day alongside the plant which will treat an added 60 cubic metres per day using Aspiral.

The systems are expected to be installed and operating by June 2019.

Strict standards

Aspiral was chosen for the contract due to its higher level of nutrient removal mandated by the Bueons Aires national government.

The country upholds some of Latin America’s strictest standards for water quality discharge into the environment.

The product’s low energy consumption is believed to align with the customer’s commitment to the environment and corporate policy of obtaining 100% of its energy requirements from renewable sources.

Managing director Henry Charrabé said the contract continues Fluence’s relationship with the beverage producer, which has been a long-term repeat customer.

“We are pleased to expand our existing partnership with them to provide effective solutions to their water and wastewater treatment challenges,” he said.

“In selecting our products for their water and wastewater needs, this repeat customer is optimising its costs and reaffirming its commitment to Argentina’s environmental goals.”

Fluence previously secured a contract for an industrial wastewater treatment system on the same site as the new contract.

Energy reduction

Aspiral is a smart modular wastewater treatment solution which is believed to reduce energy usage for aeration by up to 90% compared to conventional methods.

The product is designed as a solution for treatment plants servicing residential communities, resorts and hotels, and commercial complexes.

Its efficiency makes it suitable for decentralised treatment off the grid since its low energy needs can be supplied by alternative sources.

In December, Fluence signed two contracts with ITEST in central China to supply up to 35 Aspiral units to toll stations in Hongshu and Huangshi City.

The units range in treatment capacity from 75 cubic metres per day to 200 cubic metres per day at parking and service areas along the region’s highway systems.

At midday, shares in Fluence were steady at $0.34.

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