Fluence secures another agreement in China to deploy wastewater plants

Fluence Corporation ASX FLC China wastewater plant
Front, left to right: Mr. Hongfang Xie, General Manager of Jinzi Enterprise Group, Mr. Xiaodong Xie, Chairman of Jinzi Enterprise Group, Mr. Wong Jin Yong, General Manager of Fluence China, Mr. Ilan Wilf, VP Global Sales, Fluence Corporation. Rear, left to right: Mr. Feng Shi, Technical Engineer of Jinzi Enterprise Group, Mr. Yiliang Dong, Vice General Manager of Jinzi Enterprise Group, Mr. Richard Irving, Executive Chairman, Fluence Corporation, Mr. Henry Charrabé, Managing Director and CEO, Fluence Corporation.

Following on from an agreement earlier this month, Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC) has secured a multi-million dollar contract for six more of its containerised MABR (C-MABR) wastewater treatment plants in China.

Through its public-private partnership with China’s Jiangsu Jinzi Environmental Science and Technology Company, this latest agreement for Fluence will include six C-MABR plants ranging between 600 and 1,000 cubic metres to be delivered to China’s Guizhou Province.

“This is the outcome of a number of factors, which Fluence has worked since we entered the Chinese market, including the signing of a distribution/deployment partnership in November 2016, the successful operation of our demonstration plants and our close collaboration with Jinzi,” Fluence managing director Henry Charrabe said.

Fluence’s scalable and modular MABR technology is a self-respiring membrane aerated biofilm (MABR), which uses passive aeration to treat sewerage with simultaneous nitrification and denitrification. This allows for localised water reuse and unlike other treatment methods, the MABR technology requires up to 90% less energy.

Because the C-MABR are modular, they are quick to install and offer wastewater treatment for small villages through to resort hotels.

Mr Charrabe said this latest agreement demonstrated the “appeal” of the company’s C-MABR plants.

“These enable rapid deployment of cost and energy-efficient standardised solutions, and provide confidence that we can expect additional orders moving forward,” Mr Charrabe said.

The plants are due for commissioning in 2018.

One of the Chinese Government’s five-year plan targets was to achieve better water quality throughout the country by 2030. As the government’s 13th target, it also mandates local governments improve sewerage capacity and treatment nation-wide. Currently 10% of rural wastewater is treated and the Chinese Government is aiming for this to sit at 70% by its target date.

“This multi-plant agreement is evidence that our partners are now ramping up deployment of our MABR treatment solutions and is further proof of our strategy to deploy smart packaged C-MABR systems in China,” Mr Charrabe added.

On 6 November, Fluence reported it had inked an agreement with Qingshiuyuan Environmental Company to design, build and operate a 300,000 litre per day C-MABR in the Henan Province.

This plant was due to be operational by the end of the year.

According to Fluence, the Qingshiuyuan Environmental Company partnership, alone, is expected to result in US$2.6 billion in rural wastewater treatment sales over the next five years.

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