Fluence Corporation expands water treatment empire in China

Fluence Corporation ASX FLC water treatment China tripartite framework agreement
Signing of the tripartite framework agreement with the Yiyang City Government and Hunan Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Group.

Water treatment specialist company Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC) has continued expansion of its water treatment empire in China with the signing of a tripartite framework agreement with the Yiyang City Government and local partner Hunan Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology Company, a subsidiary of Hunan Aerospace (Kaitian) for the deployment of three Aspiral smart-packaged MABR-based units.

Fluence said the three Aspiral units were chosen for their reliable achievement of efficient Class 1A discharge standards, as well as their low energy, maintenance and space requirements. Today’s tripartite agreement therefore “reinforces our China partner strategy,” the company said.

The company plans to deploy Aspiral across three districts in Yiyang City, the first of which is undergoing installation and will be operational in Xielingang Township, New High Tech District, by the end of July.

According to Fluence, Kaitian and the Yiyang City deputy Mayor Mr Anbang Hu – the three parties are extremely pleased with the collaboration and see the deal as a win-win for everyone involved.

“We value the trilateral co-operation among Yiyang Government, Fluence Corporation and Kaitian. The success of the signing today is an excellent start to a blueprint of beautiful Chinese rural construction. It is no doubt that wastewater treatment is a key direction in which we can accomplish a lot. We shall take this opportunity to look forward to more, deeper and wider co-operation together with the government of Yiyang and Fluence in the future,” said Mr Weiwu Song, chairman of China Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology.

“We are very pleased with the co-operation between our government, Fluence Corporation and Kaitian. We are looking forward to the success of this project implementation, and also the further study, co-operation and contribution to Chinese rural wastewater treatment from our agreement,” said Mr Hu.

The positive reaction has immediately led to expectations that Fluence’s water treatment solutions will be adopted further afield in other districts under the same terms as those agreed in Yiyang City.

With the precedent set, Fluence will hope to quickly expand its network of installed solutions across China and potentially reap significant commercial rewards as a result.

Following the successful deployment of the three units, Fluence’s Aspiral solution could be endorsed by the Yiyang City Government to help meet its future planning requirements in order to comply by 2020 with the Chinese Government’s 13th five-year plan.

“Obtaining the potential endorsement from the Yiyang City Government would be the next key milestone for our growth in China, opening the door for other provincial governments to adopt Aspiral as the standard for rural wastewater treatment,” said Henry Charrabé, managing director and CEO of Fluence Corporation.

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