Fluence Corporation branches into Egypt with latest water treatment deal

Fluence Corporation ASX FLC Nirobox wastewater treatment desalination Egypt Mediterranean
Fluence Corporation has secured a contract to supply Nirobox seawater desalination plants for use in northern Egypt.

Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC) has expanded its global footprint even further after announcing it had secured a US$7.6 million order to supply three of its Nirobox seawater desalination plants to the Egyptian Government’s Ministry of Housing.

The three plants will comprise 12 Nirobox SW-XL units.

According to Fluence’s managing director and chief executive officer Henry Charrabe, this latest deal is the company’s “largest single Nirobox smart packaged plant sale to date”.

“The Nirobox SW plants for seawater desalination provide a substantial reduction in deployment time, capital and operating expenditures, and footprint required compared to a conventional desalination solution,” Mr Charrabe said.

“The additional service contract further increases Fluence’s recurring revenues and ensures proper operation and maintenance of plants,” he added.

Fluence expects to deliver the plants by the end of the year and have them up and running by mid-2019.

The plants are anticipated to supply 12,000 cubic metres of potable water in northern Egypt along the Mediterranean Sea.

Additionally, Fluence will be responsible for operating and maintaining the units.

This latest contract adds to Fluence’s other Nirobox sales in the Bahamas, Philippines, Barbuda and Argentina.

Further water treatment sales

Earlier this week, Fluence reported it had secured a contract to provide its membrane aerated biofilm reactors (MABR) to a wastewater treatment plant in Oregon.

Under the contract, Orenco will integrate the stand alone MABR modules into a plant serving an RV resort.

Meanwhile, last week, Fluence collared a further US$45 million in sales over three years with its existing Chinese customer ITEST.

The US$45 million deal will involve supplying Fluence’s Aspiral smart packaged wastewater treatment plants along central China’s highway systems.

Fluence expects to deliver about 80 plants over the next 18 months.

The company has forecast up to US$115 million in revenue for the 2018 calendar year, which is expected to generate about US$25 million in gross profit.

In mid-morning trade, shares in Fluence were trading at $0.445.

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