Fluence Corp taps into additional water treatment demand in China

Fluence Corp ASX FLC water treatment demand China C-MABR

Clean water provider Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC) is continuing its prolific run of client acquisitions and in turn, installations of its proprietary water treatment systems across the developing world.

Fluence has received further validation of its products after its smart-packaged C-MABR technology solution, was chosen as the preferred option for a wastewater treatment plant, capable of processing 1,000 cubic metres per day, for the local government of Zhenfeng County in Guizhou province, China.

When completed, this Fluence C-MABR project will be part of the largest rural wastewater project in the entire region. As it stands, Guizhou province has 35 million people spread across

The contract was obtained through Fluence’s Chinese partners, Jiangsu Jinzi Environment Co., as part of a previously agreed collaborative deal. Importantly for Fluence, the additional contract is supplementary to the 6 treatment plants already agreed by the two companies in November last year.

Deal details

According to the terms of the most recent deal announced today, Fluence’s technology will treat rural wastewater for the Zhenfeng County government utilising the company’s C-MABR solution which has been proven to meet China’s Class 1A effluent standards.

One of the key reasons behind Fluence being selected is likely to do with delivery time. According to Fluence, it can deliver “the entire C-MABR plant, including tertiary treatment and supply of auxiliary supporting equipment” in around 5 weeks.

“We are proud of our partnership with Jinzi and are happy to see our collaboration grow in China. Once again, we see that Fluence’s C-MABR solution is well-suited for the rural Chinese wastewater treatment market, and we believe we are ideally positioned to capture a significant share of this market. Our ability to rapidly deliver reliable and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions is recognised by clients and partners and was a key factor in this new contract award,” said Henry Charrabé, Managing Director & CEO of Fluence Corporation.

Fluence says that its technology can outperform its peers within key features, thereby providing the company with a competitive advantage. More specifically, C-MABR’s “modular engineering” is said to facilitate “quick and easy deployment in remote areas”, energy-saving features and remote monitoring for ease of operation and maintenance.

Fluence is currently riding a wave of momentum following several high-profile announcements in recent weeks. Just this year, the company announced a string of new installation sites for various products from its range, in countries such as the Philippines, Argentina, Italy and Brazil.

Additionally, Fluence has pleased investors with news of its US$8 million new contracts so far this year, including its recent three NIROBOX orders in Asia and South America.

NIROBOX is the company’s award-winning decentralised water treatment plant, able to convert salinated sea water into fresh drinking water, thereby providing clean drinking water in areas with severe resource deficiencies and helping Fluence to establish its first foothold in the environmental services industry.

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