Family Zone signs new strategic partnership with leading cybersecurity provider

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The partnership is aimed at driving new sales for Check Point and Family Zone through Check Point’s extensive reseller network.

Technology company Family Zone Cyber Safety (ASX: FZO) has struck a brand-new strategic partnership with global internet security-focused Check Point Software Technologies.

Both companies have confirmed that under the partnership, Family Zone and Check Point products will be offered as an integrated best-of-breed solution for the education sector.

Currently, Check Point is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions to governments and corporates globally.

Its solutions aim to mitigate the risk and reduce the impact of malware, ransomware and advanced targeted threats.

The NASDAQ-listed company says it offers a multilevel security architecture dubbed “Infinity Total Protection” with Gen V advanced threat prevention that can defend cloud, network and mobile devices.

The deal announced this morning means that Check Point will partner with Family Zone, an Australian-born company offering a world-first cyber safety platform enabling collaboration between schools and parents.

Through the partnership, schools will be able to access a “world-first” best-of-breed security and cyber safety architecture while Family Zone hopes to generate new sales and to seek out partnering opportunities through Check Point’s extensive reseller network.

The partnership’s initial focus is on Australia and is targeting approximately 2,500 private and independent schools in the country.

The need for adequate cybersecurity is growing in virtue of the huge growth in mobile phone adoption and internet access – to the point of schools being designated as “extraordinarily challenging cyber environments” by Family Zone managing director Tim Levy.

Organised internet security

In Australia, Family Zone offers around 40 schools an integrated cyber safety and security service through the legacy Sonar platform. However, the company’s preferred deployment is somewhat different.

Family Zone says its preferred deployment is one where the scope of its services is restricted to cyber safety, delivered through its School Manager platform.

This method constitutes as its “standard deployment model” in most markets and most of the schools currently using Family Zone’s technology throughout Australia.

With respect to revenues, Family Zone said it expects the relationship with Check Point will create “significant new revenue opportunities”, and in particular, “will stimulate Australian sales for Family Zone’s education offering in the key December quarter sales period”.

“Digital technology is changing the education industry and the internet is bringing a wealth of information to classrooms while streamlining school administrative operations,” said Scott McKinnel, regional director of Check Point.

On the flip side, Mr McKinnel added that the same technology is also opening the doors to cyberattacks directed at schools.

“Schools networks amass large amounts of personal data that needs to be protected. Our strategic partnership with Family Zone offers a solution that encompasses both cyber safety for users and cybersecurity for the school’s architecture,” said Mr McKinnel.

Brave digital world

One of the major reasons why cybersecurity products are currently undergoing a significant increase in demand is due to schools now having legal obligations to keep students safe.

To make this task all-the-more difficult, schools must wrestle with rapidly evolving technology that is making internet access ever more available – even to young children that can end up exposed to content that would normally be restricted to adults.

As a result, schools are finding themselves in a compromised position whereby they are being tasked with mitigating the proliferation of mobile devices entering and exiting school premises and a user-base frequently attempting to subvert compliance.

Another issue that is putting greater pressure on schools is the fact that classrooms are becoming more technology-enabled for legitimate educational reasons.

However, additional devices such as tablets, laptops and PCs which are used to educate children can be all too easily subverted and compromised by external content – and even more importantly – can become interconnected with devices brought in by children and thereby allow inappropriate content to be proliferated amongst children during school hours.

“It is clear that only a best-of-breed approach can possibly deliver on the safety and security needs of today’s schools. We are truly excited to be working with world-leader Check Point, on delivering this first-of-its-kind approach,” Mr Levy said.

This morning’s news helped Family Zone Cyber Safety shares to tick up 2% up to $0.25 per share.

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