Esports online tournament platform launches in Philippines and Thailand

Esports online tournament Philippines and Thailand ESH ChallengeMe

Esports Mogul Asia Pacific Limited (ASX: ESH) has announced the formal launch of the ChallengeMe esports online tournament platform in the Philippines and Thailand.

The launch in these two key Asian Pacific esports markets follows Esports’ launch into its initial markets, Singapore and Australia in March, and continues Esports’ execution of its go-to-market strategy in Asia Pacific region (APAC).

Esports has an exclusive licence to operate the ChallengeMe online tournament platform in the APAC region, and continues to expand its brand awareness and user footprint in what is the largest esports market globally.

The Philippines and Thailand both represent significant esports markets, with high numbers of active players. The Philippines has more than five million active esports participants and Thailand has in excess of three million active esports participants. Importantly, the major game titles DOTA 2 and CS:GO are ranked the top two esport titles in both markets.

The Philippines and Thailand launch will allow players of all levels to utilise the ChallengeMe online tournament platform to play these games in these markets, allowing Esports to rapidly expand its user footprint in its APAC target market.

Esports plans to adopt this strategy in its progressive rollout across other APAC jurisdictions and is delighted to have formally launched in the Philippines and Thailand.

It represents another milestone for Esports and involved significant market-specific localisation and development of the online tournament platform, which has been delivered ahead of schedule.

The Philippines launch also coincides with the Esports’s Sponsorship Agreement with Mineski Events Team to be the exclusive platform provider for the upcoming Manilla Masters Esports Tournament in the Philippines.

Mineski is South East Asia’s largest esports organisation. It is expected that there will be more than 1,000 DOTA 2 team registrations – equating to more than 5,000 hardcore esports players in the Philippines registering and using the ChallengeMe online tournament platform in an attempt to qualify for the Manilla Masters Esports Tournament – one of South East Asia’s largest esports terrestrial tournaments. Post-launch Strategy

Esports will utilise targeted Facebook and Google digital marketing campaigns throughout both key markets to increase brand awareness and generate new users. This will be supported by local community marketing activities which will include (but not be limited to) Twitch influencers, shout casters and activations with well-known esports players.

Updates will be made to the market as Esports progresses launches in other APAC jurisdictions over the coming months, and will also provide updates on user acquisition numbers and other partnership opportunities in due course.

Esports Mogul Managing Director Gernot Abl said:

“We are delighted to launch the ChallengeMe free-to-play esports tournament platform in the Philippines and Thailand. This represents the next phase of our launch, now into South East Asia, which importantly demonstrates our ability to effectively and efficiently execute against our business plan, and well ahead of schedule.

South East Asia is an important hub in the ever growing global esports market, and our launch into the region with a market leading product offering continues to position us at the forefront of the industry in this region.”

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