Esports Mogul translates gamers into commerce with further language updates

Esports Mogul ASX ESH Mogul Arena Vietnam Thailand language

eSports company Esports Mogul (ASX: ESH) has announced further progress in the development of its proprietary platform, Mogul Arena, by adding both Vietnamese and Thai language versions.

The company said that Thailand and Vietnam have been “specifically targeted” due to their resilience and continual growth in the eSports industry.

According to industry analysis provided by Newzoo, southeast Asia is currently the fastest growing esports region globally with Thailand hosting 18 million gamers with a total spending of $597.2 million per year, and Vietnam having almost 33 million gamers that generate an industry revenue total of over $365 million per year.

As part of its mission to establish a foothold in the rapidly growing eSports space and compete with global leaders such as ESL, eSports Mogul has developed a range of services for gamers and gaming enthusiasts including a recently launched eSports news service.

Its flagship service is Mogul Arena, a novel online esports tournament platform offering gamers the means to play games with each other and follow highly popular events online.

According to Esports Mogul, its tournament platform is already deeply integrated with the leading global esports titles and is the only platform that allows completely automated tournament play and results across multiple games.

The service enables esports fans to compete and organise tournaments and to participate in team events that are growing in popularity with interest further being fanned by social media. Esports enthusiasts can also follow streamers and elite esports results from around the globe.

The platform is also said to be able to integrate with game title APIs (application programming interfaces) thereby allowing developers to include added gaming features to provide gamers with a highly valued added experience which Esports Mogul is now commercialising across the world.

Scoring eSports deals

In April, the company signed a partnership deal with Axeso5, an online video game publisher based in Latin America.

As part of the move into Latin America, Spanish and Portuguese versions of Mogul Arena have also been developed and are “set to be released” imminently.

In addition to raw users, Esports Mogul reports that one of its newest features, Esports Elite, also continues to post strong growth figures as users “flock” to engage with the innovative model of interaction between the company, gamers and elite gaming teams who are quickly becoming role-models for gamers.

“Esports Mogul is pleased to be both adaptable and responsive to their community, able to cater to their global audience with ease. Not only will language localisation aid users in their initial gameplay, but the additional support roles for the community opens doors for global partnerships,” said Mr Gernot Abl, managing director of Esports Mogul.

Esports Mogul share price was up around 5% in early trade this morning, possibly buoyed by unrelated news that Victoria will be home to the biggest eSport event in Australia’s history when it hosts the inaugural Melbourne Esports Open in September.

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