Esports Mogul shines spotlight onto its tournament and matchmaking platform

Esports Mogul spotlight ASX ESH tournament matchmaking platform user acquisition
Mogul has commenced development for Mogul Spotlight, a streaming platform that will reward users for their viewership and registration to

Esports Mogul (ASX: ESH) is continuing its progress towards capitalising on one of the newest industry niches in the world: eSports gaming.

The company announced today that it has commenced development for multiple user acquisition-based features, as part of monetisation plans for its eSports tournament and matchmaking platform, Mogul.

Esports Mogul’s newest innovation is Mogul Spotlight – a feature designed to entice eSports enthusiasts that already watch online streamers and influencers that play games competitively.

eSports enthusiasts currently account for 165 million users of the global esports market with an additional 215 million occasional viewers, according to gaming industry analysis company Newzoo.

The number of gaming aficionados has grown rapidly in recent years, from simply playing games themselves and with friends, to building global online communities supported by social media.

The rapid shift from casual gaming into more serious competitive play is not simply creating more eSports participants but is also generating a cult following from spectators that have taken a shine to following the gaming niche much like existing sports.

As an early indicator into the future of eSports, Australia hosted a duo of high-profile tournaments in Sydney and Melbourne earlier this year, welcoming thousands of spectators and some of Asia’s elite eSports competitors in the process.

Both shows were reportedly a big hit with the Australian audience and indicated that eSports participation is set to rise not only in Australia but also further afield in Asia and globally.

“Mogul Spotlight will allow to tap into the large market of eSports enthusiasts and occasional viewers which make up an incredible portion of the global esports audience. I’m confident that our in-house technology team will continue to develop innovative products and features that increase user acquisition to the platform,” said Gernot Abl, managing director of Esports Mogul.

Putting the spotlight on Mogul

Esports fans and viewers will be able to navigate to the Mogul Stream Viewer, where they can watch professional streams and obtained rewards for viewing both local and international match play.

Esports Mogul says users will be prompted to enter raffles throughout the stream and as the viewer threshold grows, the prizing will increase within various tiers.

Prize tiers for Mogul Spotlight will initially consist of increasing values of zSilver reward credits supplied by Mogul’s strategic partner Razer – one of the world’s leading gaming accessories manufacturers and now a significant stakeholder in Esports Mogul.

In a further reveal, Esports Mogul has announced that Mogul Spotlight will work to boost user acquisition and support the company’s Refer-a-Friend feature that allows existing users to welcome new participants.

Users will be able to share their unique referral URL with friends and thereby become eligible to receive “additional prizing” when registered to Esports Mogul’s proprietary online hub

To supplement both its zSilver reward credits payments system and to enable transactions on Mogul Spotlight and Arena, Esports Mogul said its Wallet feature has entered into development and “will become the financial hub of”, according to the company.

This feature is expected to become an essential avenue for future monetisation, as users will be able to deposit and withdraw funds from Mogul.

These funds can then be deployed to acquire various online services including entering eSports tournaments and expanding the eSports community by enticing casual gamers into playing competitively.

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