EPI-USE Labs selects Tymlez as its preferred blockchain platform

Tymlez ASX TYM EPI-USE Labs blockchain platform service revenue
Tymlez Group said the partnership with EPI-USE was a strong endorsement of its product and would underpin an increase its implementation footprint.

Fresh from its recent ASX listing, blockchain company Tymlez Group (ASX: TYM) has announced a partnership with global software solutions firm EPI-USE Labs for the use of its enterprise blockchain solution platform.

Hosted via EPI-USE’s secure cloud infrastructure and services team, the platform is being rolled out across 47 corporate offices.

Under the arrangement, EPI-USE Labs will offer the Tymlez Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform to provide businesses with a ready-to-use, blockchain subscription services.

The platform is suitable for a single or two-user package and enables end-users to learn about the potential of using blockchain.

The firm is targeting a wide range of companies in its marketing efforts, from startups, to medium-sized and large corporate organisations.

BaaS subscription fees for each user will be $1,018 per month and rollout is expected at the beginning of 2019.

Tymlez chief executive officer Michael Reh said the new partner network significantly increased its selling and implementation footprint given EPI-USE has offices throughout Europe, the Americas, UK, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

“This is the ideal partnership for businesses wanting to experience and understand the value of using blockchain technology with a cost-effective, subscription-based service based on a monthly usage fee,” he added.

Integrating disruptive technology

Tymlez asserts there is value in delivering new and disruptive technologies in ways that companies can seamlessly integrate into their business.

The company told shareholders it was well positioned in the short-term to access the blockchain market through its growing partner ecosystem, leveraging existing and new use cases.

The Tymlez platform provides a ready-to-use design and development environment with visual modelling, smart contract and integration capabilities designed to accelerate the development of blockchain solutions.

Developers and start-ups can use a containerised blockchain platform to create enterprise-level blockchain applications which they can use to promote and resell to their target markets.

Tymlez started trading on the ASX last week after attempting to raise $8 million through the issue of more than 36 million shares at $0.22 each. The company fell short of the figure, however, raising $5.32 million on admission.

Shares in Tymlez were down 9.4% at midday to $0.145.

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