Envirosuite wins contract for NASA’s X-59 supersonic aircraft testing project

Envirosuite ASX EVS NASA X-59 supersonic aircraft testing project Quiet Supersonic Technology
Envirosuite’s software platform will collect, process and visualise data from NASA’s low-sonic boom flight tests.

Environmental technology company Envirosuite (ASX: EVS) has won a contract to participate in the X-59 Community Response Testing project organised by the North American Space Agency (NASA).

Envirosuite will provide a software platform to collect, process and visualise data from NASA’s low-boom flight demonstrator program involving the X-59 Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) experimental supersonic aircraft.

The software will enable NASA and members of the testing team to review the low sonic booms produced by aircraft alongside community responses, in real time.

The first phase of testing will run to the end of 2023 and focus on preparing systems, technology and processes for large-scale testing.

The contract is expected to have a minimum value to Envirosuite of approximately $750,000 in project revenue and $100,000 in annual recurring revenues.

It will be on an “indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity” basis, with an eight-year period of performance.

Supersonic plane

NASA is designing and building the X-59 research aircraft as a piloted, single-seat supersonic X-plane with technology that it hopes will reduce the volume of a sonic boom to that of a “gentle thump”.

NASA’s aeronautic experts are leading a team across government and industry to collect data that could allow supersonic flight over land, dramatically reducing travel time within the United States or to anywhere in the world.

Envirosuite was subcontracted to the X-59 project via a consortium led by global environmental and transportation planning company HMMH, which joined the project earlier this month.

Its proprietary software combines leading-edge science and technology with industry expertise to produce predictable and actionable insights, allowing customers such as NASA to optimise their operations and manage their environmental impact.

Cutting-edge project

Envirosuite chief executive officer Jason Cooper said the company was privileged to be involved in the X-59 project.

“This cutting-edge project represents new opportunities in the innovative area of aerospace, along with the future of aviation,” he said.

“Our experienced team looks forward to being part of this and bringing the X-59 quiet supersonic technology aircraft to the skies.”

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