Envirosuite rolls out new phase of EVS Water under GHD deals

Envirosuite ASX EVS water GHD
Envirosuite has signed two strategic agreements with water industry expert GHD.

Environmental technology company Envirosuite (ASX: EVS) is entering a new phase in the roll-out of its EVS Water products with two new strategic agreements with GHD, one of the most highly regarded consulting groups in the global water industry.

Under the deals, GHD will support the scaling of implementation of EVS Water for major water treatment facilities as well as refer prospective clients to Envirosuite.

The first agreement will see GHD provide Envirosuite’s customers with technical support for EVS Water products, where these products require water process engineering expertise. GHD will also support research and development activities to assist with product improvements.

Under the second agreement, GHD will assist in delivering key components of EVS Water projects and refer potential customers to Envirosuite.

Envirosuite chief executive officer Jason Cooper said there are great synergies to be gained from the partnership.

“GHD is an innovative global services company with deep domain knowledge in the water space with a stated commitment to helping solve the world’s biggest challenges in the areas of water, energy and urbanisation. These are the same challenges we are trying to solve for our customers.”

“With the partnership, we will be able to implement EVS Water faster, scale our ability to deliver and provide additional expertise to our customers,” he added.

GHD an existing customer of Envirosuite

EVS Water comprises three products: EVS Water Plant Optimiser, EVS Water Plant Designer and SeweX.

GHD is already an existing customer and user of the EVS Water Plant Designer product, which provides a common standard for water and wastewater treatment infrastructure design and increases efficiency of the design process.

GHD has begun to use the product for water treatment and desalination plants across the Asia Pacific and it has been embedded as part of “business-as-usual design practices” for the water treatment and desalination group within the company.

The referral program will support Envirosuite’s pursuit of the water market with EVS Water, focusing on drinking water, desalination and industrial water treatment industries.

Expanding revenue opportunities

Envirosuite said it expects its collaboration with GHD to be significant to EVS Water for the 2022 calendar year because of the value of securing a relationship with a company established in the water industry, opening a new sales channel and assisting the company to scale its operations at a level it would not be able to achieve on its own.

“The agreement will open the door for revenue opportunities for both companies and allow EVS Water to more quickly attack a multi-billion-dollar global market in a more cost-effective manner as we benefit from GHD’s market reach and networks,” Mr Cooper said.

Each contract is for a 12-month term and does not specify minimum revenue or referral targets.

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