Engage:BDR signs partnership with US mobile app leader Kochava

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Full integration is on track to be delivered by the end of the month.

Programmatic ad company engage:BDR (ASX: EN1) has turned its attention to mobile users courtesy of a new partnership and integration with US company Kochava, a global leader in mobile apps data and user identification.

The news comes just two weeks after the company announced the deployment of a new incremental revenue stream  focused on mobile app advertising, over and above web traffic.

Traditionally, common app advertising publishers include casual games, utility apps, social media, education and video apps, whereas typical web advertising publishers include news, entertainment, weather, reference, and a variety of other types of content including editorial and sponsored content.

Kochava provides enterprise brands with what’s known as a “consolidated unified audience platform” including data management, onboarding, cross-device configurable attribution, analytics, engagement, industry-leading fraud protection and data enrichment.

It assists customers with establishing their identity, to define and activate audiences and to optimise all aspects of a company’s marketing function.

Engage:BDR hopes it can boost its revenues as a result of the deal, stating it expects “considerable revenue impact” for the company’s existing programmatic business, once Kochava’s platform is integrated into its operations later this month.

More specifically, the company plans to obtain increased sell-through of existing ad inventory to current and new buyers courtesy of the Kochava integration.

In a statement to the market, engage:BDR said it expects to sell “many times more hyper-local ads” as a direct result of the deal – a service niche that has been generating more than 85% of the company’s revenue since 2018.

Furthermore, more sell-through of existing inventory is expected to drive incremental growth in cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates, it said.

Hyper-local ad distribution

An aspect of ad distribution that is particularly of interest to engage:BDR is GPS targeting. Utilising users’ GPS data is a key consideration with “hyper-local advertising” now made possible by smartphone functionality.

Engage:BDR said hyper-local ads allow companies to tailor ads for the individual, down to the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of each user at the exact moment the ad is loaded.

Such capability enables advertisers to spend marketing dollars on precisely the exact user in the exact location which fits the goals of the campaign, at a specific moment.

“This capability is only possible through programmatic advertising, and specifically, only mobile app inventory (GPS/latitude and longitude coordinates),” the company said.

Other channels such as desktop and mobile web provide marketers access to users’ IP addresses for targeting, but they are not as useful, valid or in demand, as GPS coordinates.

“Due to current environmental changes, websites are also (like apps) seeing greater traffic, and as a result, management sees immediate opportunity to return to the web,” engage:BDR stated.

“This move will enable potential re-activation of thousands of web publishers the company has worked with over its first seven years and many buyers who can now be integrated programmatically,” the company added.

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