Engage:BDR reels in global programmatic giant IPONWEB BidSwitch

Engage BDR ASX EN1 IPONWEB BidSwitch programmatic advertising
BidSwitch’s programmatic integrations include Google, The Trade Desk, Twitter, Dish and 400+ other platforms.

Digital advertising company engage:BDR (ASX: EN1) has started the integration of IPONWEB’s BidSwitch into its platform, with the final product expected to give agencies, SSPs, DSPs and publishers supply, demand and a variety of services.

The company first listed on the ASX at the tail-end of last year, offering its proprietary technology that manages internet video and display advertising for advertisers, advertising agencies and the website which displays various ads.

Final end-users will use engage:BDR’s platform to attract and engage audiences in real-time and with BidSwitch facilitating a deeper integration that is designed to provide the Los-Angeles-based company with what it calls a “highly incremental business” which it expects to translate directly into revenue and gross profit in the near-term.

Based in New York, BidSwitch is a leading provider of real-time access, supplying customers across all interactive media types.

The company is said to be connected with over 400 of the world’s largest DSPs and SSPs and processes more than 550 billion bids on a daily basis. To date, its programmatic integrations include Google, The Trade Desk, Twitter, Dish and more than 400 other customers globally.

Getting to know BidSwitch

Instead of a common designation, such as DSP, SSP, or an exchange, BidSwitch says it is a “technical middleware” provider that normalises connections for various programmatic technology platforms.

The platform connects its programmatic partners to new platforms and services that will “help them optimise performance, provide incremental access to customers and increase revenue and return on investment,” the company said.

Engineered by IPONWEB, BidSwitch was created to help programmatic technology companies meet the challenges and redundancies produced by the rapidly expanding global real-time ecosystem.

According to engage:BDR, “BidSwitch is focused on solving the underlying technical complexities and inefficiencies that hamper platform interconnectivity and trading at the infrastructure level.”

IPONWEB and its BidSwitch innovation were first developed by its founder and ‘Godfather of adtech’ Mr Boris Mouzykantskii in 2001, first used as a means of assisting law firms in sorting and systemising their client patents through a dedicated piece of software.

However, over the past 15 years, the company has grown and developed into a specialised shop that “builds whatever digital technology an ad tech start-up might need”, while diversifying away from simply developing real-time ad products.

BidSwitch wants to add value to the digital advertising market by developing and supporting tools to help optimise the bidstream, with a view of making buying more economically efficient and facilitating the distribution of valuable data and services “to make the ecosystem more efficient for all,” according to Mr Mouzykantskii.

The deal announced this morning is expected to generate revenues in the near-term with engage:BDR saying that it expects to apply the finishing touches on its integration and will update the market once the partnership is fully live and has commenced generating revenues.

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