Elsight strikes deal to expand field role for its multichannel technology

Elsight ASX ELS multichannel technology Alrena Smart Medicase
Elsight has been contracted by Alrena Technologies to supply 50 new Smart Medicase kits for 2019, in an order worth US$500,000.

Mobile security and surveillance solutions provider and one of Australia’s emergent defence sector suppliers Elsight (ASX: ELS) has snagged a deal with French company Alrena Technologies to help produce 50 of its “Smart Medicase kits”— handheld emergency telemedicine kits that allow medical assistance to be provided remotely.

Alrena’s medicase kits will now be integrated with Elsight’s innovative multichannel technology and is said to be worth $500,000 in its own right. Elsight said that Alrena has placed an order with Elsight for fifty new Smart Medicase Kits, with ten to be delivered before the end of this year.

The large order from Alrena is the latest development as part of an ongoing strategic partnership between the two companies, first commenced in 2017.

Elsight develops advanced communication technologies for real-time data, video, and audio transmission over cellular networks in mission-critical environments, specifically for armed forces and service personnel. However, the company is branching out into other sectors.

According to Alrena, the latest investment will allow it to scale up its sales and operations and expand its sales and distribution efforts in France. The company has also confirmed that in order to meet the agreed delivery expectations, Alrena will outsource assembly in preparation of delivery of orders as they are received.

Alrena’s Smart Medicase kits are specifically designed to improve healthcare outcomes for its users with Elsight’s technology selected for integration into the latest batch of kits.

Equipped with Elsight’s multichannel technology, Alrena’s Smart Medicase is designed to assist in saving lives, without having a doctor to have a comprehensive medical team on site. The kit essentially allows medical care to be delivered in remote and rural areas with assistance being delivered from offsite via cutting-edge teleconferencing capability.

Elsight’s multichannel technology delivers encrypted transmissions which ensures complete security by splitting data into multiple pieces.

Elsight says that its solution is capable of achieving an encryption standard of up to 256 bits as well as locking the transmission into a “VPN tunnel” that can be transmitted via aggregated GSM channels.

“In the event that even one or two pieces of data are hacked, the hacked data is incomplete and useless as it is impossible to get the full picture, ensuring high security, high availability and highly dynamic and adaptive capabilities – exactly what Alrena and its clients need,” according to Elsight.

“The multichannel technology and its near real-time connectivity in remote, non-line of sight and challenging environments will revolutionise the standard of emergency medical care, wherever and whenever,” said Richard Kleitzke, founder and President of Alrena.

“Together with Elsight, we are making connections to help emergency teams save lives, and I am excited to see where this partnership takes us in the short and long-term,” said Mr Kleitzke.

Expanding market operations

According to a statement to the market, Alrena was able to secure its first large-scale investment worth €2 million (A$3.2 million) after securing approval from the Project Evaluation Committee of Chamber of Commerce (CCI Val-De-Marne).

The multimillion-euro investment is set to be jointly funded by The Bank of Entrepreneurs of France in addition to private institutional investors.

In parallel to the investment being made by Alrena, two of Elsight’s management team made investments of their own last month.

Non-executive director Howard Digby raised his existing stake in Elsight by adding 27,500 shares bought on market in mid-November for $15,236. With another non-executive director, Raj Logaraj, acquiring $26,459 in stock also on the market.

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