Elsight looks to accelerate US sales via reseller agreement with Agile Defense

Elsight ASX ELS Agile Defense communications
Elsight’s Halo communication technology can be integrated with drones.

Mobile security and surveillance company Elsight (ASX: ELS) has unveiled a one-year reseller agreement with IT services business Agile Defense – a company that currently serves several US government clients including several public services and various branches within the US Department of Defense.

The agreement includes a provision for it to be extended annually, subject to both parties’ agreement.

The move has hailed as an “unquestionably positive development” by Elsight founder Nir Gabay and done with a view of tapping Agile’s deep network of government contacts to generate accelerated sales across the US.

In a statement to the market this morning, Elsight said the agreement would help extend its US operations and help to commercialise its “Halo” platform – a means of delivering secure communications over existing mobile networks as well as via 5G.

According to Elsight, its Halo product can be used to assist ground-based devices, but also mobile deployment including integration with drones with encrypted security provided as standard.

Moreover, Elsight stated its platform supports data and high-resolution video capture and secure transmission protected against interception and hacking.

According to the company, the technology was first designed for military applications but has now been repurposed for civilian deployment, including the current COVID-19 pandemic which has raised the demand for real-time video conferencing among consumers and real-time drone surveillance of citizens by government agencies.

From deal to sales

With the deal now signed, Agile will lead Elsight’s sales and marketing efforts in the US in co-ordination with Elsight’s sales director Karin Zalcberg, “with specific emphasis on galvanising the potential that exists within the American public sector, in particular, the US defence sector”.

“Agile is the perfect partner for us during this challenging time due to their industry-wide renown as a premier defence firm with a deep network of government contacts and their unique ability to accelerate our sales via that network,” said Mr Gabay.

“This agreement with Agile is an unquestionably positive development for the company, and we are extremely excited to announce our partnership. I look forward to working closely with my distinguished Agile counterparts and colleagues as we advance the commercialisation of Halo and bring Elsight’s remote connectivity solutions to the US market.”

Currently, Israel-based Elsight develops reliable, secure, real-time, high adaptive bandwidth data connectivity over multiple IP links thereby enabling always-on connectivity. The company is currently serving multiple clients in its home country including security forces, police, army, medical professionals, first responders and “sophisticated intelligence organisations”.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created a pressing need for additional security and surveillance measures to be deployed in Israel, to monitor citizens as they self-isolate and remain in quarantine. The measures have meant both consumers and government departments have increased their use of internet bandwidth, thereby putting pressure on existing networks.

However, with the use of its variety of hardware solutions, Elsight said it can help its clients obtain high internet speeds while maintaining full security, enabling conversations, meetings and other discussions using video live-streams.

“I speak for myself and the entire Agile team in saying that we are tremendously excited to work with Elsight in order to bring their industry-leading solutions to the American market in this time of need,” said Mr Jay Lee, president and chief executive officer of Agile.

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