Edtech Impact to market Novita Healthcare’s Tali Train product throughout UK schools

Novita Healthcare ASX NHL Edtech Impact Tali Train
Novita Healthcare’s Tali Train program will be marketed via Edtech Impact platform, which receives more than 180,000 site visitors each month.

Novita Healthcare (ASX: NHL) has collared an agreement with leading UK-based school marketer Edtech Impact, which will promote Novita’s Tali Train product via its platform and guides.

According to Novita, products on Edtech’s platform are seen by more than 180,000 site visitors each month, with over 90% of schools across the UK receiving Edtech’s guides which showcase products each month along with real life impact stories.

“This is a significant step forward for Novita as Edtech specifically targets schools that have already identified the need for tools such as Tali Train,” Novita chair Sue MacLeman said.

“In effect this is a pool of pre-qualified high value sales targets that will assist to compress the sales cycle and potentially drive timely revenue generation for Tali in the UK,” she added.

Tali Train

Novita’s Tali Train is a game-based training app for children aged between three and eight.

The scientifically proven technology combines evidence-based algorithms inside a game-based program to assess and then strengthen core attention in children.

It works by targeting the core underlying issue, which the company says sets it apart from other brain training or memory-based software applications.

Novita claims the program helps children get school ready and is effective for children with development disorders as well as those progressing “typically”.

Attention-related issues such as ADHD affect about 5% of all school aged children throughout Europe.

Current intervention techniques are complex and subjective by combining clinical judgement with psychostimulants.

Expansion plans

As Tali Train is rolled-out across UK schools, Edtech and Novita will collect data on the social, economic and education impact of the program within the country’s school system.

Novita plans to use this data to expand the Tali technology into the UK’s National Health Scheme, which will, in turn, provide a foundation to launch the product into the European market now that CE Mark certification has been secured.

Today’s news sent Novita’s share price up more than 18% to reach $0.013 by late morning.

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