Eden Innovations secures first commercial sale into New York’s large concrete market

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Eden Innovations’ US subsidiary has received its first order for a bulk tank and dispensing system for storing and dispensing, EdenCrete Pz at a plant owned by United Transit Mix.

Australian clean technology solutions provider Eden Innovations (ASX: EDE) has broken into New York’s large concrete market with the first commercial order for its EdenCrete Pz product to a Brooklyn-based ready-mix supplier.

United Transit Mix Inc plans to use EdenCrete Pz in its standard concrete mixes for a range of applications including flat work, low-rise and mid-rise construction.

The company has been servicing the greater New York City market for the past 17 years.

Eden said the United deal represents a “major breakthrough” for its US presence and follows more than 30 months of EdenCrete Pz testing and development for use in the regional concrete mixes.

United has also conducted its own extended period of testing and certification on the product.

Eden is currently installing a bulk tank and dispensing system for storing and dispensing EdenCrete Pz at a plant owned by United.

Performance enhancer

EdenCrete Pz is a carbon nanotube-enriched liquid additive developed primarily to enhance the performance characteristics of standard concrete mixes.

It contains millions of nanoscopic carbon cylinders which elevate concrete structures to improved levels of strength and durability.

Carbon nanotubes are strong, light and flexible and create enhanced bonds at the interfacial transition zone between cement paste and the aggregate.

Pozzolan additive

EdenCrete Pz was specifically developed to improve the performance of concrete mixes containing pozzolans – a class of siliceous and aluminous materials with little or no cementitious value which are typically used as cement replacements rather than additions.

They include fly ash, slag and silica fume and can hinder early strength development when used in elevated levels.

Concrete mixes in the New York area frequently include reasonably high proportions of pozzolans such as ground and granulated blast furnace slag in place of ordinary Portland cement.

The addition of EdenCrete Pz to these mixes can reportedly attain materially-higher strengths, making them suitable for use in a wider range of high-performance concrete applications.

Lower carbon footprint

EdenCrete Pz can result in a lower overall cost of concrete for such applications and will enable the concrete’s carbon footprint to be lowered as there is less Portland cement required in the mix.

The production of Portland cement generates carbon dioxide as a direct by-product, which is taken into account when determining the carbon footprint of concrete in any given application.

In a growing number of world markets, reducing the carbon footprint of a construction project can bring potential benefits such as planning concessions.

Eden Innovations said the lower carbon footprint associated with EdenCrete Pz is expected to help foster new sales in the New York region, elsewhere in the US and in other parts of the world.

Tasman shareholding

Perth-based minerals explorer Tasman Resources (ASX: TAS) has a 37.5% interest in Eden Innovations through its subsidiary Noble Energy.

At midday, shares in Eden Innovations were up 13.64% to $0.050, while shares in Tasman Resources were trading 12.73% higher at $0.062.

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