Eden Innovations expands shotcrete applications in Colorado

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Eden Innovations’ carbon-strengthened concrete additive EdenCrete will be used in a shotcrete mix for a major hospital expansion project in Colorado.

Clean technology developer Eden Innovations (ASX: EDE) has announced its EdenCrete carbon-strengthened concrete additive is being trialled in a shotcrete mix for the first time on a major building construction project in Colorado, United States.

The company today revealed the project is the US$190 million (A$267.6 million) East Wing expansion of the Vail Health Hospital, located in the ski town of Vail in the state’s mountainous central region.

According to Eden, its proprietary product was recommended by the project’s structural engineer for inclusion in the shotcrete on the final structural shotcrete liner to be built along the building’s foundation walls.

This latest news follows the company’s November announcement that it had been approved by the Colorado Department of Transport for EdenCrete to be used in a shotcrete mix on the Central 70 infrastructure project in Denver.

Vail Health project

EdenCrete has been added to the shotcrete mix at a low dosage rate, with the first 70 cubic yards (54.5 cubic metres) of the concrete liner installed in late February including EdenCrete at 0.95 litres per cubic yard.

Following positive results, the evaluation was extended to the first 300 cubic yards of concrete, which will be installed over the next seven to 10 days.

It will then be decided whether EdenCrete will be added to about 4,000 cubic yards of concrete to complete the liner.

According to Eden, some observed benefits of EdenCrete being added to the mix included the concrete holding its slump and air when being transported to job site and resulting in a creamier paste that stuck better and produced very little rebound.

In addition, lower wear and tear on the pumping machinery was noted as the contractor was able to use lower pumping pressures.

The entire Vail Health project also includes the demolition and replacement of the existing emergency department and the hospital’s parking structure, as well as the new construction of an on-campus helicopter pad, new main entrance, concealed loading dock and a new imaging and radiology department.

EdenCrete uses

According to Eden, its additive EdenCrete adds compressive, flexural and tensile strength to concrete, as well as reduced permeability and shrinkage, delivering a “stronger, tougher, more durable and longer lasting concrete”.

EdenCrete has been primarily marketed to improving the performance of concrete used in the construction and maintenance of concrete roads, bridges and other infrastructure, particularly in heavy wear and freeze/thaw weather conditions, or roads that contain high levels of added salt.

Eden is intending to market its additive around the world including in Australia and South Korea, where it noted many significant tunnel and construction projects being planned or constructed that include large amounts of shotcrete.

Major shareholder

Perth-based mineral explorer Tasman Resources (ASX: TAS) holds more than 38% of the company through its wholly-owned subsidiary Noble Energy.

Tasman has stated its intentions to keep its stake in Eden for the long-term due to the “potentially significant upside” of the investment.

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