Eclipse Metals identifies rare earths and numerous other metals at Ivittuut

Eclipse Metals ASX EPM rare earths metals Ivittuut Greenland XRF testing samples
Eclipse Metals chairman Carl Popal says the results highlight the project’s polymetallic nature.

Grab samples from Eclipse Metals’ (ASX: EPM) Ivigtut and Gronnedal-Ika prospects within its Ivittuut project in Greenland have returned numerous anomalous metals including rare earths, silver, copper, lead and zinc.

Eclipse chairman Carl Popal said the multi-element assays results highlight the prospects’ polymetallic nature – particularly the heavy and light rare earth element potential.

“Some initial results exceed testing limits for the analytical method used and these samples are being further analysed,” he explained.

“When final results are received and analysed, a targeted exploration program will be designed in time to take advantage of the northern summer season to further advance evaluation of our projects in Greenland,” he added.

The company has received interim laboratory results from nine grab samples collected from Ivigtut and Gronnedal-Ika.

Anomalous rare earths

Eclipse noted the ratio of high demand rare earths to light rare earths within the samples was “very encouraging”.

At Gronnedal-Ika carbonatite, samples returned up to 0.62% lanthanum, 10% cerium, 0.10% praseodymium, 0.82% neodymium, 0.10% samarium, 0.10% gadolinium, and 0.86% yttrium.

Anomalous erbium and ytterbium were also identified.

Other metals

Over at the Ivigtut mine dumps, samples returned 165 grams per tonne silver, 0.14% copper, 3.83% lead and 0.37% zinc.

Within the Gronnedal-Ika aplite vein minerals present were 0.25% niobium, 34g/t silver, 0.96% lead, 0.15% copper, 0.16% tin and 4.4% fluorine.

Multi-element potential

Located in south-western Greenland, Ivittuut hosted the world’s largest commercial cryolite mine.

After operating for 120 years, it was closed in 1987 and produced about 3.8Mt of the material.

It is the only known naturally-occurring cryolite deposit in the world.

Eclipse is the first company to test the rare earth and multi-element potential at Gronnedal-Ika and Ivigtut.

“Overall, the various styles of rare earth mineralisation at Gronnedal-Ika and Ivigtut, ranging from light to heavy rare earths, and their various respective geological host environments are testament to a complex intrusive history and multiple episodes of rare earth enrichment,” the company stated.

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