Eagle Health launches diabetic product into China, EVE Investments part-owner

Eagle Health Holdings ASX EHH diabetic product China EVE Investments Omni Innovation

Eagle Health Holdings (ASX: EHH) has launched its Omni Innovation’s diabetes pre-meal shake into China’s Xiamen city as part of its plan to roll the product out across the country.

In September, Eagle Health secured the right to exclusively manufacture, market and distribute Omni’s pre-meal diabetic shake throughout mainland China.

The agreement is part of Eagle Health’s strategy to distribute clean and green Australian brands and ingredients throughout the region.

The clinically proven and Australian made pre-meal shake is for Type 2 and Pre-Type 2 diabetes sufferers. The shake doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription and when taken with water up to 30 minutes prior to a high carbohydrate meal, it reduces the blood sugar spike the meal can cause.

This can assist with controlling blood sugar readings in the longer term.

Xiamen is the ninth city to launch the change diabetes project, which aims to raise awareness, assist the community and research diabetes in the area.

As well as shipping its diabetic product, Eagle Health has opened four diabetes educational centres in Xiamen to directly engage with consumers and generate insights.

“The project will provide information, decision support and intellectual support for the comprehensive prevention and treatment of diabetes in Xiamen,” Xiamen Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission director Yao Guanhua said.

“The project will promote medical resources to patients and go to the grass-roots level to achieve true medical integration,” Mr Guanhua added.

Eagle Health has an existing distribution network in China, currently selling its health products via pharmacies, health food stores, supermarkets, trading companies, online channels through 23 Chinese provinces and autonomous regions.

The International Diabetes Federation estimates about 114.4 million people suffer from the disease in China, with this number predicted to rise to 119.8 million by 2045, driven by an aging population and increasing obesity. Additionally, the federation believes about 6.1 million people are undiagnosed.

EVE Investments’ involvement

Investment company, EVE Investments (ASX: EVE) holds a 40% stake in Eagle Health’s diabetic shake partner Omni Innovation.

EVE is also known for its 50% holding in Meluka Health which kicked-off development of its honey water product using Meluka honey this week.

Meluka Health plans to sell the honey water product into China and establish its brand in the region.

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