Dubber and Telstra to scale cloud call recording and AI platform

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Dubber has signed an agreement enabling Telstra customers to sign up for Dubber's cloud call recording services.

Software as a service company Dubber (ASX: DUB) has come to an agreement with Australia’s largest telecoms provider Telstra (ASX: TLS) that will see its platform offered to Telstra’s customers, including access to its call recording and data capture platform for business telephony and mobile.

According to the terms of the deal, existing Telstra customers will gain access to Dubber’s platform and call recording services that help supplement existing services already being provided by Telstra.

Namely, Telstra’s Liberate solution, its IP telephony cloud collaboration service and SIP connect systems will all be supplemented with Dubber’s platform in order to improve the overall offering and pave the way for the “next generation of call recording services”.

According to Dubber, it has developed a leading cloud-based call recording and voice AI solution, scalable to fit any business size and allowing businesses to access previously untapped voice data.

The platform has been adopted as core network infrastructure by over 110 service providers globally, including leading telecommunications carriers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Importantly for Dubber, the Telstra deal could push its service suite to greater adoption amongst Australian consumers and help the company to raise its amiable performance results.

In the last financial year, Dubber more than doubled the number of active users to over 94,000 and generated operating revenues of $5.5 million, a 269% increase compared to the previous year.

In its annual report, Dubber said its business plan continues to disrupt an existing hardware-based multi-million dollar call recording industry with a highly scalable “platform as a service op-ex model”.

Accompanying this morning’s news, Dubber’s chief executive Steve McGovern explained that the Telstra agreement “democratises call recording at cloud scale” beyond the traditional domain of contact centres and including all business users.

Cutting edge telephony

Moreover, the agreement could also serve as a springboard for the emerging software company with Dubber saying that it expects the deal to usher in a new class of services for call recording, delivered via SaaS, for compliance, business insights and AI services that were never before possible.

“We are delighted to be announcing our agreement with Telstra today and believe it will enable the full expression of the capability of the Dubber Platform,” said Mr McGovern.

“By providing call recording extensively on both Unified Communications and mobile networks, Telstra business customers of all sizes will be able to provide call recording, data capture, advanced analytics and AI throughout their entire organisation,” he added.

With the deal announced, Dubber and Telstra have confirmed that customers wishing to access Dubber’s services can do so via an early adoption phase with revenue said to “dependent upon take-up of the service”.

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