DroneShield launches compact and portable RadarZero drone monitoring product

DroneShield ASX DRO RadarZero drone monitoring product
DroneShield’s RadarZero drone monitoring product.

DroneShield (ASX: DRO) has launched its compact and portable drone detection radar product RadarZero to global markets, less than a week after securing United States regulatory approvals to sell its DroneGun to the Paraguayan Government.

The new RadarZero is comparable in size to a paperback book and designed to be easily transported. The device can detect drones up to 750m away and is less costly than larger and longer-range radar detection units.

According to DroneShield, RadarZero was created to offer an alternative to its RadarOne product which is larger but with a longer 1.5km detection range.

Both products can detect and assess potential threats offering users live and historical data, as well as configurable alerts.

The news follows the announcement DroneShield had received regulatory approval to sell its DroneGun tactical drone jammer product after clinching a tender with the Paraguayan Ministry of National Defence back in November.

Once receiving the DroneGun, the Paraguayan Government will assess the device to ensure it meets its requirements. If this is the case, a larger order will be placed.

This is DroneShield’s first South American order and US approvals are only necessary to sell to non-NATO countries.

Meanwhile, DroneShield unveiled another drone defence product at the end of January called DroneGun Tactical.

DroneGun Tactical is a handheld gun that interferes with drone radio waves. It follows on from the DroneGun MKII model which was launched at the end of last year.

DroneGun MKII can provide users multiple countermeasures against drones within a 2km radius, including ceasing a drone’s video transmission and returning the drone back to its starting point to assist with tracking the operator.

Other measures include taking control and landing the drone in a safe area.

DroneShield remains in discussions with potential buyers throughout the world including governments in Australia, the US, United Kingdom, South Korea, France and Spain.

Speaking with Small Caps, DroneShield’s CEO Oleg Vornik commented, “DroneShield is presently in advanced stages of numerous military and critical infrastructure procurement processes globally. We are excited about 2018, and look forward continuing to meet our customer requirements, transitioning tenders into purchase orders.”

DroneShield’s share price settled at A$0.22 by mid-day – up 2.38%.

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