Dragontail Systems teams up with YUM! Restaurants to deploy Algo in Pizza Hut across Latin America and Iberia

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Dragontail Systems will deploy its Algo platform across 943 Latin American Pizza Hut stores.

Following the Pizza Hut Asia Pacific partnership announced last week, Dragontail Systems (ASX: DTS) has teamed up with YUM! Restaurants International (YUM! LA) to deploy its Algo platform in Pizza Hut stores across Latin America and Iberia.

Dragontail executed a statement of work with YUM! LA to roll-out Algo in Pizza Hut stores for the world’s largest Pizza Hut franchisee Spanish stock exchange listed Telepizza.

As the world’s largest Pizza Hut franchisee, Telepizza has more than 2,500 stores in Europe and Latin America.

Initial testing of Algo is underway at two Ecuadorian Pizza Hut restaurants, with the full roll-out to occur across 943 Latin American Pizza Hut stores once testing has been successfully completed.

“I believe the connection between the companies is synergistic, especially in light of YUM! LA’s adherence to the preparation of pizzas with maximum attention to detail and accurate preparation,” Dragontail managing director Ido Levanon said.

“The Algo will complement those elements by maximising efficiency and accuracy in the food preparation, kitchen function and delivery processes that will be performed in the best possible way.”

Meanwhile, YUM! LA’s senior IT manager Gasca Jose said the company was “very pleased” with the quick integration and implementation of the Algo system so far.

“I’m looking forward to the extensive implementation across many of our markets,” he added.

Algo platform

Dragontail aims to “revolutionise” the quick service restaurant and food industries with its artificial intelligence-based Algo platform and computer-vision QT quality system.

Using the company’s patented AI algorithm, Algo automates and streamlines the kitchen flow to produce what Dragontail claims leads to greater efficiency resulting in an “immediate and significant return” on investment to fast food and quick service restaurants.

Pizza Hut Asia Pacific

Today’s news follows Dragontail’s announcement last week it has inked a Technology Master Services agreement with Pizza Hut Asia Pacific.

The deal comes after the “strong performance” of the Algo platform in Singapore over the last two years.

Pizza Hut Asia Pacific operates 3,000 stores across 15 countries and will recommend to its franchisees they move onto Dragontail’s platform.

At this stage, Pizza Hut Asia Pacific noted that three to four markets representing up to 400 stores had registered a “strong interest” in implementing Dragontail’s platform.

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