Cynata Therapeutics has positive pre-clinical results using Cymerus stem cell platform to treat sepsis

Cynata Therapeutics ASX CYP sepsis blood poisoning Cymerus mesenchymal stem cells regenerative medicine MSC
Cynata Therapeutics’ Cymerus stem cell therapy has had positive pre-clinical results in treating sepsis.

Pre-clinical studies using Cynata Therapeutics’ (ASX: CYP) Cymerus mesenchymal stem cells in a sepsis model have achieved positive results.

In a pre-clinical model of severe pneumonia-induced sepsis, Cynata’s Cymerus treatment had several positive effects including increasing blood oxygen levels and lung compliance, while decreasing inflammation and potential harm to lungs.

Alveolar neutrophil infiltration can lead to lung injury and this was reduced from the treatment, while barrier permeability was decreased – lowering the potential of harmful proteins entering the lungs.

Cynata performed the studies via its development partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).

Unmet need for Cymerus regenerative therapy

RCSI’s Professor Gerard Curley led the research and said the pre-clinical results were “exciting” and gave the team “grounds for optimism” that Cynata’s Cymerus treatment could provide a new option these patients.

Prof Curley added there is a “critical need” for new therapies in treating sepsis, which can affect anyone at any stage of life without warning.

Sepsis is the leading cause of death in hospital intensive care units.

It is believed to cause one in 20 deaths in the global population and according to Cynata, it causes up to half of all hospital deaths.

Agreeing with Prof Curley, Cynata chief operating officer Dr Kilian Kelly said there is an “enormous” unmet need in treating sepsis.

He added the preclinical trial results were “highly encouraging” and could support progression to a clinical trial in patients with sepsis.

“These latest results build on our broad pre-clinical database across a range of commercial opportunities including asthma, heart disease and diabetes complications in addition to our very successful clinical trial in graft versus host disease,” Dr Kilian added.

To-date Cynata’s Cymerus platform has been licenced for use in graft versus host disease while phase two trials will begin next year evaluating the therapy in osteoarthritis and critical limb ischemia.

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