Cycliq launches sophisticated Fly6 Pro bike camera and light system

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By Imelda Cotton - 
Cycliq ASX CYQ Fly 6 Pro release

Perth-based cycling products specialist Cycliq (ASX: CYQ) has launched the Fly6 Pro, claimed to be its most sophisticated bike camera and light system to date.

The product is the culmination of 12 years’ research and represents a significant leap in Cycliq’s premium camera line, featuring a state-of-the-art re-design and technological advancements.

The user-centered concept is reported to offer a superior safety tool and positions the Fly6 Pro as the epitome of Cycliq’s vision for global cycling safety.

Key features include 4K video capability with 7-hour recording and light run time, 100-lumen output with engineered optical dual lens technology, 5-gigahertz wi-fi transfer with phone connectivity, a new organic light-emitting diode display, durable design and a fast-charging USB-C connector.

Ideal on-the-go device

Chair Andrew Chapman said the Fly6 Pro would enhance rider visibility and safety.

“The features [we have incorporated] make the Fly6 Pro an ideal device for on-the-go use, facilitating easy saving and sharing of videos across social media platforms,” he said.

“It is a credit to our management and technology team who have developed this product utilising user-centered design principles gained during our 12 years of operations.”

Black Friday revenue

Cycliq recently reported $1.2 million in gross sales revenue for the month of November, following its annual Black Friday campaign.

The majority of sales were recorded in the US (29%) and the UK (23%), with reduced percentages from consumers in Australia (15%), Korea (11%) and the rest of the world (22%).

The Black Friday campaign showed that Cycliq’s core offering remains an essential cycling purchase, demonstrated by a 29% increase in the number of individual orders.

The company also reported a shift in cycling consumer spending, with a 28% reduction in average order value to $449.

It said consumers were spending more money on core safety, action and sport cameras and less on accessories such as mounting systems and product protection packs.

Consumer sales

Cycliq has operations in Australia and China, with direct-to-consumer sales on Amazon and from its own website.

It also has access to more than 6,000 retail points of presence through a network of regional distributors and partners in the US, UK, European Union and Asia-Pacific.

The company’s ultra-high-definition cameras act as a “black box” for cyclists to capture everything that happens in an incident for later review.

Since Cycliq opened its doors in 2012, it has shipped more than 200,000 of its products to customers in over 50 countries.