Crowd Media calls on investee technology to produce ‘Digital Dom’ talking head

Crowd Media ASX CM8 Digital Dom Talking Head AI
Crowd Media’s AI-driven talking head “Digital Dom” is a digital twin of director Domenic Carosa.

Social commerce company Crowd Media (ASX: CM8) has released the beta version of its talking head “Digital Dom”, which is a 100% synthetic product combining inhouse and investee technology.

A digital twin of Crowd director Domenic Carosa, the invention showcases an integration of Crowd’s partner technologies, using synthetic voice cloning by Aflorithmic Labs and scalable digital expertise by Israel’s VFR Assets and Holdings with which Crowd formed a 50:50 joint venture in November.

The artificial intelligence-driven product leverages Crowd’s 10 years of experience and technology development in the conversational commerce space, and is able to seamlessly combine answers from artificial intelligence and real humans.

In the past 12 months, more than 65% of all questions put to Crowd’s platform were answered by AI.

The remaining 35% were accurately answered by humans, and then integrated into the database to rapidly build efficiency.

Q&A platform

Crowd chairman Steven Schapera said the conversational commerce platform had processed more than 180 million questions and answers to date.

“We now have the substrate upon which we can integrate our investee partner technology with our own Q&A technology to create this conversational commerce platform,” he said.

“Although it might seem fake today, [we believe] by the end of next year it will appear very real indeed – imagine talking with a virtual Lewis Hamilton or having a virtual Jamie Oliver chat with you about a recipe.”

Investee inventions

Mr Schapera said Crowd investee UneeQ Ltd had already released a digital human twin of All Blacks rugby legend and co-founder of mental health company Mentemia Sir John Kirwan, offering around-the-clock mental health support within the Mentemia app.

The talking head can help users develop a sleep improvement plan, offering tips to get a better night’s rest and answering questions on sleep behaviour.

Crowd investee Forever Holdings (UK) has also just released “In The Room With Nile Rodgers”, comprising a voice-interactive digital portrait of the US music legend and using a Q&A format recorded months before release.

The product was developed in association with Universal Music, the National Portrait Gallery and Abbey Road Studios and is believed to have already started generating revenues.

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