Creso Pharma launches three CBD-based tea products under cannaQIX brand

Creso Pharma ASX CPH CBD tea cannabis cannaQIX
Creso’s cannaQIX CBD-based teas have been developed using a new technology that optimises taste and content.

As its entry into the psychedelic medicine space progresses, Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH) has continued its cannabinoid product focus with the launch of three CBD-based tea products.

The company has unveiled three CBD-based teas which will be sold under its cannaQIX brand. These products are based on Creso’s second generation technology that optimises CBD taste and content and comprise: cannaQIX tea, cannaQIX NITE tea and cannaQIX Immunity tea.

According to Creso, cannaQIX tea was designed to help stress management and support better life quality, while cannaQIX NITE tea is to be drunk at night to support better sleep, and cannaQIX Immunity contains supplements to optimise well-being.

Creso describes its new CBD-based teas as a “ground breaking” technological achievement that provides the company with a “significant competitive advantage”.

This technology will then be used in the manufacture of Creso’s flagship cannaQIX lozenges.

Creso commercial and development director Dr Gian Trepp said the company was “proud” to finalise the “ground breaking” technology for manufacturing the CBD teas.

“[It] opens a number of new and globally applicable opportunities for Creso.”

“The new products and formulation provide a very tasty CBD tea that will become a key component in the future production of the cannaQIX lozenges,” he added.

Legally sold and marketed in Switzerland

Creso noted it had completed legal and regulatory due diligence which allows the teas to be sold throughout Switzerland via its current distribution network of more than 2,100 sale points including pharmacies, drug stores, health nutrition shops, and large retail groups such as Manor.

The company also supplies wholesalers in Switzerland including Galexis, Amedis and Voigt.

Hemp entry into Germany

As part of Creso’s ongoing expansion efforts it is looking to launch its line of hemp tea products in Germany.

This follows a recent German Federal Court decision to annul previous charges against hemp tea sellers which had temporarily delayed Creso’s roll-out plans.

Creso described the court decision as “favourable”, saying it removes ambiguity over regulations for selling hemp flower-based products in the country.

Once its products have been rolled-out across Switzerland and Germany, Creso will target other European markets.

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