Coronavirus prompts more orders for Micro-X’s mobile x-ray units

Micro-X ASX MX1 Carestream DRX Revolution Nano x-ray
Micro-X has received an additional $1 million in purchase orders for its Carestream DRX Revolution Nano mobile x-ray machines.

Micro-X (ASX: MX1) has collared an additional $1 million in sales for its mobile x-ray technology as governments worldwide scramble to get on top of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

The additional $1 million order follows purchase orders amounting to $780,000 that were received in mid-February.

Micro-X noted its sales for the current quarter now total about $1.8 million – up substantially from the $200,000 worth of sales in the December 2019 quarter and almost on par with the $1.9 million received for the whole of FY 2019.

Similar to the February orders, these latest purchases are for urgent delivery within a four-week timeframe.

Officially called the Carestream DRX Revolution Nano, the latest order of units will be shipped to countries in Asia and Europe.

Although customers have not specified the end-use for the orders, Micro-X said it understood the size and urgency of the orders indicated at least some of the units will be deployed in connection with COVID-19

With the urgent delivery timeframe of four weeks, Micro-X noted the standard lead time from receiving and order to deliver was up to 12 weeks.

To ensure its flexibility to respond to the growth and urgency in orders, Micro-X said it was working with its supply chain partners.

Commenting on the latest purchase order for Carestream DRX Revolution Nano units, Micro-X managing director Peter Rowland said the although the coronavirus epidemic is “alarming”, he is pleased the company’s technology is being used to assist with diagnosis and management.

Carestream DRX Revolution Nano

The Carestream DRX Revolution Nano x-ray units have been sought by healthcare providers because unlike standard machines, they are an “ultra-light” digital medical and x-ray system.

The easy transportation of the units provides flexibility of use, which is suited to requirements of infection control procedures and temporary hospital quarantine buildings.

With 510(k) and CE Mark certifications, Micro-X’s units are sold commercially in a number of markets, with Carestream Health responsible for their distribution.

X-rays in coronavirus patients

Although blood tests are required to diagnose a patient with COVID-19, chest x-rays are essential for assessing the virus’ progression and severity, with many patients presenting with pneumonia-like symptoms.

X-rays are used to detect fluid in the lungs – particularly in patients with acute respiratory distress.

Under the World Health Organisation’s guidelines, a patient with the virus can only be defined as a severe case after a chest x-ray reveals multi-lobar infiltrates or pulmonary infiltration that has progressed more than 50% within 24-48 hours.

“For most patients, COVID-19 begins and ends in their lungs because, like the flu, coronaviruses are respiratory diseases and x-rays remain a key tool in monitoring the progression of the pneumonia-like symptoms of severe coronavirus infection,” Mr Rowland explained.

“The number of countries now ordering the Nano also illustrates an awareness of the product and its capabilities, which has longer-term benefits for increasing adoption,” he added.

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