ClearVue Technologies demonstrates photovoltaic glass at Warwick Grove shopping centre

ClearVue Technologies ASX CPV Vicinity Centres Warwick Grove Shopping Centre
ClearVue has installed its clear solar PV glass into its first demonstration site.

Smart building-material company ClearVue Technologies (ASX: CPV) has reached what it calls a “major milestone” after showing off its next-generation renewable energy technology at Warwick Grove shopping centre in Western Australia, the first commercial demonstration of its photovoltaic solar panels in action.

In a statement to the market, ClearVue said it had completed construction of its first demonstration site harnessing its solar photovoltaic solar panels that help reduce exposure to the volatile energy market.

The company has developed advanced glass technology that aims to preserve glass transparency and maintaining building aesthetics whilst generating electricity.

Warwick Grove Shopping Centre is expected to be the first of many such-like installations that help to deliver energy efficiency, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness in one swoop.

The site belongs to another ASX-listed company – Vicinity Centres (ASX: VCX) – with ClearVue confirming earlier today that the project successfully upgraded the northern entrance door area to the shopping centre by replacing an older existing glass atrium with a new ClearVue solar photovoltaic glass version.

Vicinity Centres is a leading Australian retail property group with a fully integrated asset management platform and $26 billion in retail assets under management across 62 shopping centres. Today’s news opens the potential for ClearVue to execute similar projects across other sites in Australia.

ClearVue stands out as one of Australia’s leading technology companies that operates in what’s known as the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BPIV) sector – an emerging market that involves the integration of solar technology into building and agricultural industries to provide renewable energy.

To do this, ClearVue has designed glass technology that delivers a significant step-up from current glass that cannot generate electricity.

The atrium entrance area at Warwick Grove will now use ClearVue photovoltaic glass that is able to charge a battery for energy storage and will provide power for lighting in the atrium, as well as, providing outside signage and for a monitoring display screen located on the premises.

The display will give information on the performance of the atrium in terms of its on-going power generation, energy savings made and carbon offsets. According to ClearVue, the atrium could also be upgraded to include other real-time information collected from internet of things (IoT) sensors integrated with the atrium structure and powered by the ClearVue photovoltaic glass.

“The Warwick Grove Centre project represents a major milestone for the company and is our first real site where people are able to see the ClearVue photovoltaic glass being used and performing in a commercial setting,” said Victor Rosenberg, executive chairman of ClearVue.

“By integrating our solar glass into the atrium entrance at this centre, we are now able to demonstrate how ClearVue’s technologies can be deployed as skylights and building facades in commercial and retail applications,” said Mr Rosenberg.

Strong run

The project completion announced today follows up several contractual successes over the past few months.

In November, ClearVue signed a memorandum of understanding with Zurreal, a long-standing working partner that develops a proprietary high-resolution imaging technique for the application of high-definition artwork, images and advertising onto surfaces including glass.

The deal meant that ClearVue could combine its solar glass solution with Zurreal’s high definition artwork application process.

Less than a month later, ClearVue made its international intentions clear by signing a MoU with Glass Partners in South Africa.

The deal meant the company would become the exclusive licensee that manufactures and distributes ClearVue products and technology in South Africa and Mauritius.

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