ClearVue develops new photovoltaic prototype with improved power output

ClearVue D2 Solar ASX CPV photovoltaic prototype solar
Improved ClearVue PV IGU design increases power by 33% to 40w per square metre.

Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies (ASX: CPV) has completed a round of “successful” product trials that showed a 33.3% increase in power rating for an improved photovoltaic (PV) integrated glazing unit (IGU) design.

Development of the new design was completed in conjunction with specialist solar engineering company D2 Solar in San Jose with all testing carried out in California.

The uplift in power from 30 watts to 40 watts per square metre was hailed as a “major milestone” by ClearVue’s executive chairman Victor Rosenberg who also went on to declare that boosting power within the current design would have an “immediate material impact” on the payback period for customer projects.

In a statement to the market, the company announced that its latest PV integrated unit design was achieved with the current ClearVue technology platform including its nano and micro photonic interlayer technology.

“This 33.3% increase in power rating at standard test conditions is the result of ongoing research and development work carried out to improve optics and enhance application of the PV cell technology into the ClearVue standard IGU design,” the company said.

Moreover, in addition to higher power, ClearVue said its new IGU design improves upon the end-product aesthetics, with no decrease in the transparent aperture area of the ClearVue PV IGU product and no expected additional cost per square metre in the finished commercial end-product.

“The uplift in power was achieved through ongoing research and development work to fine-tune the ClearVue IGU product design over the last 8 months without changing the fundamental structure or underlying technology in any material way,” Mr Rosenberg said.

“Importantly this increase in power in the current design will have an immediate material impact on the payback period for customer projects as well as carbon embodiment for the ClearVue product,” he added.

From testing to market

With testing complete, the next phase is to bring the improved design to market by taking it from the proof-of-concept stage and moving it into wider scale commercial application and inclusion as a certified product.

ClearVue confirmed that it is currently working on a bill of materials application for production and fabrication purposes.

The company admitted that further work is required on the design to make it ready for sale and inclusion into its product portfolio, including product certification testing.

At this stage and subject to the impacts of COVID-19, this is being scheduled for 2021.

In other recent news, in mid-April ClearVue entered into a collaboration agreement with Dutch company eLstar to promote, distribute and jointly develop ClearVue’s IGU and smart solar window solutions combined with eLstar’s smart electrophoretic dynamic switchable glazing solutions.

Also, in late April, ClearVue signed a letter of intent with Chinese powerhouse Jinmao Green Building Technology with both parties set to collaborate to promote, distribute and jointly develop ClearVue’s IGU and smart solar windows for sale in the mainland Chinese market.

Shares in ClearVue were 4% higher at $0.125 in morning trade.

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