ClearVue signs US agreement for manufacturing and distribution of PV insulated glass unit panels

ClearVue Technologies ASX CPV manufacturing distribution agreement Insulsteel Building Sciences United States solar
Insulsteel is in the process of expanding from one factory to 20 across United States.

Australian smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies (ASX: CPV) has signed a manufacturing and distribution agreement with US-based Insulsteel Building Sciences which will see ClearVue’s advanced glass technology incorporated into Insulsteel’s energy-efficient building solutions.

Under the terms of the five-year agreement, Insulsteel will secure exclusive rights to manufacture and sell ClearVue’s insulated glass units as part of its “IntelAwall” composite steel and expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulated wall and energy-efficient construction system.

Insulsteel is only permitted to purchase core components for making the ClearVue end-product IGU panels and finished windows from other ClearVue licensed and authorised component suppliers.

It is authorised to manufacture the units only at approved plants.

Each IGU will be installed into Insulsteel’s EPS wall panels at time of fabrication for delivery of completed wall sections direct to client construction sites to minimise build time.

During the term of the agreement, ClearVue is not prevented from appointing other US manufacturers and distributors for inclusion of its products with other building systems and methods which are not substantially similar to Insulsteel’s.

Expanded footprint

Clearvue executive chairman Victor Rosenberg said the agreement coincides with Insulsteel’s plan to expand its manufacturing and distribution footprint from one location in South Carolina to 20 factories across the US.

“Insulsteel has been recognised by the Department of Energy as being in the top 1% of US builders and is in the process of expanding its US production and distribution to reach larger markets with a particular focus on commercial and high-end residential,” he said.

“The highly insulative nature of the Insulsteel system when combined with the highly-insulative and energy-generating features of our IGU design makes for an extremely energy-efficient end product.”

Insulsteel said ClearVue’s product would be a “perfect fit” for inclusion into its zero energy designs and would bring a “fantastic point of difference” to its products and solutions.

“The team at Insulsteel love what we are doing in terms of solar photovoltaic windows as well as our smart façade and smart city focus, and [they] intend to integrate these products into their panels in the future,” Mr Rosenberg said.

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