Clean Energy Council backs Lithium Australia subsidiary Soluna’s three-phase battery systems

Lithium Australia ASX LIT Soluna Clean Energy Council lithium-ion battery storage systems
The Clean Energy Council has approved the addition of Soluna’s 15K Pack HV to its Battery Assurance Program.

Lithium Australia’s (ASX: LIT) industrial and residential energy storage lithium-ion battery system commercialisation plans have been given a boost after the Clean Energy Council approved its 50% owned subsidiary Soluna Australia’s three-phase battery system.

The Clean Energy Council has approved the addition of Soluna’s 15K Pack HV to its Battery Assurance Program, which includes a list of lithium-based energy storage devices that meet industry best practice requirements.

According to Lithium Australia, the Clean Energy Council’s list provides consumers with independent information on the safety of home battery products that meet prescribed electrical and quality standards.

Soluna’s 15K Pack is paired with the GoodWe HT hybrid inverter series, which Lithium Australia describes as a “premium quality battery energy-storage system” that has been designed specifically for three phase homes and small businesses.

The system provides daily power storage and independent black out protection across all three loads.

“The Clean Energy Council approval of Soluna’s three-phase energy-storage system follows recent accreditation of its small single-phase units for residential power storage,” Lithium Australia managing director Adrian Griffin explained.

“Time of use tariff structures encourage households generating solar power to install battery storage capacity and avoid peak energy pricing, which occurs when there is little or no solar generation capacity.”

“Australia is the Mecca of domestic solar power and Soluna systems allows that power to be used even when the sun isn’t’ shining,” Mr Griffin added.

Mounting energy storage demand

With Soluna only receiving its first shipment in July, Lithium Australia noted most of it had already been pre-sold.

Additional stock has been ordered to meet mounting demand.

Soluna was incorporated 12 months ago to target Australia’s energy storage market.

Chinese battery manufacturer DLG Energy owns the other 50% of Soluna which sells systems for both industrial and residential purposes throughout Australia.

Mr Griffin pointed out securing Clean Energy Council approval also flagged to power grid operators that Soluna’s products meet both national and international quality and compliance standards.

Additionally, consumers have the added incentive of knowing the Soluna systems are eligible for small-scale technology certificates under the Government’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and other government incentive programs.

Soluna’s energy storage products are available Australia-wide.

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