Christmas lead-up prompts Digital Wine Ventures’ first 1,000-plus order day

Digital Wine Ventures ASX DW8 Winedepot orders online
Digital Wine Ventures’ WINEDEPOT platform has now processed more than 1,200 orders in a single day.

Christmas is proving a boon for Digital Wine Ventures (ASX: DW8) with the company revealing its WINEDEPOT platform had received more than 1,000 orders in a single day.

WINEDEPOT, which is an integrated trading and logistics platform, has now processed more than 1,200 in a single day – making it the first 1,000-plus order day since the business was launched three months ago.

Digital Wine chief executive officer Dean Taylor said underpinning this key milestone was growing suppliers, products and active sales channels.

“Having this many orders in one go was a great test for our platform. While we uncovered a couple of bugs and some areas for improvement in our processes, I was generally pleased with the way our system and supporting infrastructure coped under the load.”

He added the platform “undoubtedly” has the ability to handle the higher volumes the company anticipates in the coming months as the business grows.

Contributing to the 1,000-plus order day, was one of WINEDEPOT’s customers running a promotion via a major online retailer’s website.


WINEDEPOT was designed to connect wine industry stakeholders in an attempt to reduce bottlenecks in the existing supply chain.

By catering for producers, distributors, importers and retailers of all sizes, WINEDEPOT aims to provide an end-to-end supply chain solution.

According to Digital Wine, the platform’s key benefits include reduced freight costs and shipping time, along with less paperwork, administration, errors, breakages and working capital requirements.

Meanwhile, the platform boosts customer reach, while increasing satisfaction and repeat sales.

Mr Taylor pointed out WINEDEPOT can process large order volumes over a short period while still offering customers access to same or next day delivery.

“Our platform provides our customers with the ability to continue taking orders from their customers in metro areas right up until two days before Christmas with the confidence that they can be delivered in time.”

“For larger businesses, that could represent significant sales that they otherwise have to turn away.”

“I expect a lot more suppliers and retailers to take advantage of this capability next year,” Mr Taylor added.

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