Chinese giant SILA selects Yojee as its logistics software partner

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One of Australia’s fastest-developing digital logistics companies, Yojee (ASX: YOJ), has struck a partnership agreement with ‘Sinotrans Integrated Logistics Australia’ (SILA), part of China’s largest shipping and logistics company.

SILA has contracted Yojee for an initial two-year period to serve as its official logistics software partner to maximise delivery visibility, optimise their dispatching capabilities and manage their third-party partners with the use of ‘Yojee’s Control Tower’.

Yojee’s Control Tower is an element of its overarching proprietary technology that provides real-time dynamic tracking, communications and dispatching optimisation solutions within complex job requirements. It also provides instant connectivity and job management solutions for all of SILA’s fleet partners within its internal network.

The agreement means Yojee will be managing large amounts of SILA’s regular business traffic over the next two years.

As part of the selection process, SILA was seeking a company that could offer scalability and reliability first and foremost. Yojee’s advanced software solution is highly scalable and perfectly suited for SILA’s fast growing operations given its sophisticated level of managing data using blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a public ledger allowing secure and real-time digital transfer of virtual data across a pre-defined network. So far, blockchain has been synonymous with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but its inherent features make it highly adaptable to other industries where large amounts of data are being managed in real-time i.e. shipping and logistics for large industrial businesses such as SILA.

Furthermore, Yojee’s artificial intelligence (AI) machine-learning capability is expected to play a crucial role in empowering SILA to eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional carriers.

Yesterday, Small Caps reported that Yojee has successfully completed the first round of live testing for its blockchain-based and AI-enabled software solution. Integrating both blockchain and AI functionality marks a significant milestone in Yojee’s evolution into a platform technology developer creating powerful logistics solutions for modern businesses.

Yojee’s ultimate goal is to create a seamless regional freight network and best-in-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product for all businesses regardless of their size or operational area.

Today’s news of Yojee’s agreement with SILA has sent shares in Yojee 10% higher in early morning trade to around $0.28 at the time of writing.

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